5 Safe Ways To Strip Your Hair Of Unwanted Hair Dye

Are you thinking of stripping your dyed hair because it’s fading to an ugly brown or orange? If you don’t want to wait while it completely fades naturally, then make sure to take on some of these safe tips to strip your hair of unwanted hair dye.

Most of these solutions are for semi permanent or demi permanent hair dye! If you have permanent hair dye, it will be a lot harder to strip, and you may have to go with bleach.


1. The Vitamin C Treatment

This way is relatively easy and doesn’t harm your hair as much as bleaching it. Simply get a package of Vitamin C powder or Vitamin C tablets. Using around 500 – 1000mg of crushed Vitamin C powder, mix it with a bit of conditioning shampoo to form a thick paste. Get into the shower, wet your hair, and apply the mixture from the roots to your ends like you would normally. Don’t rinse it off just yet! Make sure to get a shower cap ready and put your hair with the mixture. Step out of the shower and put a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes. After 20-45 minutes, go back into the shower and rinse it off. Make sure to condition well after, because this will dry your hair out.

Strips: Semi-permanent dyes

2. Bath Salts

Bath salts are actually great ways of curing your back ache, but they can also be a safe ulterior way to soak or fade out certain semi permanent colors. This isn’t going to be very harsh way of stripping, so if you have a really bad brown or black in your hair, it most likely won’t do much for it. It’s best for blues and purples, or if you want to fade to a lighter color.

All you have to do it make a bath with some epsom bath salts and soak your hair for as long as possible!

Strips: Semi-permanent dyes, blues and purples

3. Baking soda with lemon juice/water

If you don’t have any Vitamin C pills, this is a really good substitute. You might not want to do this very often, because it can seriously dry your hair out. Simply take 1 to 1 teaspoons of lemon juice and mix it with baking soda. It will turn it into a paste and you can apply it to your hair like directions above. Leave it in for 20-45 minutes, and then rinse your hair out. Be sure to condition really well afterwards!

Strips: Semi-permanent dyes

4. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Using Anti-Dandruff shampoo such as Head And Shoulders is a really natural way of stripping color without damaging your hair at all. These shampoos tend to be more harsh than normal shampoos, but a lot better than any other alternatives. For most semi-permanent dyes, you might need 2-5 washes to get the color out, but for lighter, more pastel colors, it shouldn’t be too hard. Like with regular shampoo, be sure to condition afterwards.

Strips: Pastel colors, semi-permanent dyes

5. Bleach Bath

If you need to get some REALLY clung on hair color — dark dyes, demi permanents, or even permanent hair color — you should try this called a “bleach bath”. It’s still harsh on your hair, but it’s a lot better than bleaching it. You mix bleach with a color stripping shampoo or water put it in your hair to sit just like normal bleach for 10-30 minutes, then wash out. Make sure to check every so often so you don’t burn your hair! This method would not lighten undyed hair.

Strips: Permanent dyes, semi permanent hair dyes

What’s do you do to strip your hair of unwanted colors?

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  1. I use a cup of orange juice and drench my hair in it. I wait 10 min till it semi dries and then apply a really really cheap shampoo that doesnt moisturise. I leave it sit for 30 min and then rinse out, repeat shampoo and then condition with a moisturising conditioner.

  2. I need help I permanently color my hair an it stain it I been using vinegar an shampoo but it’s slowly coming out but need more help do anyone have suggested


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