The 6 Worst Things that Women Do in New Relationships

Worst Things

Relationships are great. Once you find that special guy, you can’t wait to watch movies together, cuddle at night, celebrate anniversaries and have kids named Anthony and Kate…whoa, whoa, hold up! Just like that ladies it’s very easy to get carried away with fresh new love. The problem is, the guy is probably not on the same page and you can scare him away in a heartbeat. To avoid this nightmare, here are the worst things that some women have done. Don’t do it!

1. Spreadsheet nightmare

If it’s only been one month since officially starting your relationship, it is NOT ok to present your boyfriend with a budget list so you can afford that soccer mom minivan three months later. This is a true story. It’s amazing that you can envision a future for the relationship but pressuring him will only create doubt so hold your horses and save it for your third year anniversary.

2. Use the M word

Marriage is a huge commitment, much more serious than finally agreeing to be exclusive to one another. It’s for life. Guys are biologically noncommittal characters, they want to get out there and explore the horizons so you trying to tie them down right away is a panic attack waiting to happen. Similar to the spreadsheet nightmare, keep your thoughts under wraps until he’s also comfortable speaking about the topic. Don’t bring it up until you two are serious.

3. Go M.I.A

There is such thing as too much love. If you’re on his ass all the time, when will you take care of you and your life? Don’t cling to him and spend all awakening hours hanging out with him. If he has soccer practice every weekend, don’t try and change his schedule, there are five other days in the week. Time with his friends equates to time with your friends. Do not give up your friends just because you met Mr. Perfect. Distance makes the need grow stronger. You will get tired of one another eventually, drag it out as much as you can.

4. Avoid confrontation

Within your honeymoon phase, the last thing you want to do is argue but small problems can develop into more serious issues. Get them out of the way now so you don’t have major headaches in the future. If you don’t like when he cuts you off mid-sentence, let him know. You’re not being a nice girl just because you keep it from him. Sometimes guys need a nudge to remind them that you won’t take everything their boys would. They can’t try to adapt if they have no idea it bugs you though this doesn’t mean you should nag about everything.

5. Stone wall

worst things

You’ve agreed to be committed to one another so don’t be scared to open up and let him in. Starting a new relationship is exciting and passionate, if you guard your heart with defences, there can never be any positive growth. The “playing hard to get” might have worked in the pre-dating stages, but now he wants to know the real you. Share your past and don’t put on a fake demeanour. Either he understands you or he won’t, it’s better to find out earlier than later.

6. Expect

Having expectations is disappointment waiting to happen. No one is perfect and he can’t read your thoughts so don’t expect to be dazzled and in euphoria every time you’re out on a date. This is the right time to explore one another and find out what you like and don’t like instead of hoping he’s like the fairytales. Let things go with the flow and if you like him enough, you’ll be happy no matter what you end up doing.

There you have it, the most common no no’s that still get practiced but we don’t blame you. New love tends to fog up the mind but keep this list in mind and have a happy honeymoon phase!

Have you ever gotten too carried away in a relationship?

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