50 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your Best Friend Forever

50 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your Best Friend Forever

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Your mom loves you unconditionally.

She doesn’t judge you.

She laughs at your jokes.

She is your number one fan.

She’ll do your laundry (and your kid’s laundry) when you sleep over her house no matter how old you are.

Your mom texts you funny jokes.

She supports and encourages all of your dreams.

She buys you presents without any occasion – simply because she loves you.

She will hold your hair while you are hugging the loo because you drank too many vodka shots last night.

Your mom picks the best restaurants for lunch and dinner dates.

50 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your Best Friend Forever

She buys you inspirational books.

Your mom gets tickets for two to see Swan Lake.

She cooks anything you want when you are living with her or when you are visiting her.

She reminds you to always do good and be kind.

She takes care of your children better than you take care of them.

Your mom likes all of your boyfriends while you are dating. But when you break up she cheers you up and tells you that the best guy is yet to come.

She fills up your fridge with organic groceries.

She always shows you off in front of her friends and speaks of your success.

She buys you and your children vacation tickets just because she knows you need a break.

Your mom likes all your posts on Facebook.

She has a better social life than you.

She takes you shopping without looking at the price tags.

50 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your Best Friend Forever

She’s always smiling, upbeat and positive.

Your mom always answers your phone calls.

She hosts the best dinner parties.

She buys you organic skin care from the farmer’s market that makes your hair and skin glow.

She tells you the truth – even if you don’t want to hear it but you appreciate it when you do.

Your mom never complains.

She gives you $20 every time she sees you and tells you to buy yourself something.

She’ll eat your meal even if it didn’t turn out so well and tell you that it was “An interesting combination of ingredients.”

She’ll come over your place and help you tidy up.

She tells you you’re the prettiest girl in the world and she means it.

She buys you the best socks.

Your mom kisses you goodnight no matter how old you are.

She encourages your natural beauty  – sans makeup.

She always tells you to drive safely and eat your vegetables.

She lets you be yourself.

She makes you appointments with the best dentists and doctors in the city.

She encourages you to live life to the fullest.

She loves all of your friends.

Your mom calls you in the morning and tells you to dress the kids warm because it’s cold out.

She laughs with you throughout the entire yoga class.

She’s a lover of life.

Your mom gives the types of hugs that make problems melt away.

She outlasts you on the dance floor.

She takes car selfies with you.

50 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your Best Friend Forever

Your mom treats you and her grandkids to lavish dinners.

She secretly likes it when you drive over the speeding limit. (Not too much over though!)

She’s been your BFF from the moment you were born.

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  1. Zlatina, you nailed it ! I loooooooove your article and it is soooo true. I feel the same about my mom. Moms are cool!

  2. You make us proud, Zlatina! I love you, my wonderful daughter! Your children and your mom too 🙂 You four are the miracle women in my life. I am so blessed to have you! Can’t wait for you to give us more granddaughters :)))


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