6 Must-Have Board Games For the Whole Family

6 Must-Have Board Games For the Whole Family

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Every family should play games together. Board games, card games, made-up games, any kind of games. Games strengthen the family bond while teaching us how to handle winning and losing – which is a great life-skill to own from an early age. Through play we get to know our family members better. So, pull out your favourite games tonight and hang out with your family for some game time, sexy mommy! Pop some popcorn too and it’s a guarantee that you’ll be the ‘Best Mom of the Year‘.

6 Must-Have Board Games For the Whole Family

Here are the six must-have board games (battery-free) every family should own:

1. Hide & Seek by Smart Games

6 Must-Have Board Games For the Whole Family

This is a challenging game that’s great for our brain muscles. You’ll enjoy watching your children wrap their heads around each puzzle and the strategies they will use to solve each challenge. Rotate the game around so that the whole family has a go! With every page the challenges get trickier and trickier and that’s where the fun begins. Hide & Seek teaches concentration, provides a good challenge and solution-solving from a young age. However, moms and dads don’t be fooled – there’s lots for us to learn too!

Hint: This is a great game for the car and airplane since there are only 4 puzzle pieces – no fear of losing any of the pieces!

2. Stormy Seas by Hape: Forming the Future

This is a game of balance! It’s eco-friendly designed: made of bamboo, water-based color and recycled card. Two to four players can play this awesome game. The boat has to be loaded up with cargo! Heads up – the loads and boxes must be balanced equally on the boat because the valuable cargo can go overboard if the seas become rough! All families love Stormy Seas since it challenges your thinking and problem-solving skills to the max! It’s a true must-have stacking game for the whole family – a real brainteaser!

3. Scrabble: Every word’s a winner! (A classic)

6 Must-Have Board Games For the Whole Family

Every family needs a set of classic games in their game-board collection and Scrabble is the definitive word game. The little ones will familiarize themselves with the alphabet while creating simple two and three letter words. Word creations which will perpetuate curiosity and excitement that will continue to into the creation of bigger words. If you haven’t yet added it to your list of must-have board games then you definitely should. Challenge your family GF and have fun with Scrabble.

4. Beat the Parents by Spin Master

It’s kids vs. grown-ups in this fun-filled trivia challenge. Find out who’s really the boss in the family – the kids or the parents? Super-fun family game. The Beat the Parents board game challenges moms and dads to answer questions about kids’ stuff , and children to figure out the mysterious and fun world of grown-ups. The team that crosses the finish line first wins the battle of the generations! Go ahead, give this game a try!

5. Connect 4 by Hasbro Gaming (Another awesome classic)

6 Must-Have Board Games For the Whole Family

Who doesn’t love Connect 4? Everyone loves this legendary 1970’s game. Connect 4 will take the whole family back to a time when life wasn’t all about video games, iPads and computers. Kids enjoy this classic game visually while learning about the myriad of ways to connect four discs of the same colour before their opponent. Want to know how you can hustle? Go first and play your disc in the centre column. *wink*

6. Djeco Tap Tap Garden

Build your own garden with a wooden hammer! Simply hammer the pieces into the cork board. The kids will love tap-tapping away and creating beautiful, vibrant, flower gardens. Tap Tap Garden also comes with templates! This garden game develops the imagination while being a creativity outlet for all ages. The “gardener” will enjoy seeing their flowers bloom with the help of their cool hammer! A must-have in your family game collection, trust me GF!

What are your top 6 must-have family games, fellow mommies? Do share!

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  1. Our favorite games are Connect 4 & Guess Who. We are buying Beat the Parents& Hide and Seek – they look fun. Thanks for the suggestions.


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