6 Struggles You Face When You Start Eating Healthy


Today’s the day you tell yourself you start eating healthy. You’re at the peak of motivation and mentally ready to get that banging body you’ve always wanted. Maybe you just watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, or you gained weight after coming home from college but after the last supper you had yesterday night which probably consisted of half-price wings and poutine, it’s time to get your shit together. This time, healthy eating isn’t going to be a temporary thing; it’s going to be a lifestyle change. Here are some of the struggles you WILL encounter when you first start this quest:

Social BUTTERfly

The week you start eating healthy is the same week you get invited to 5 happy hours, 4 dinners at your favourite pizza place, brunches, a wedding, and 3 nights out to the bar. Why couldn’t this have happened last week when no one was down to hang out so you were just stuck at home on a Friday night binge-watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix? All social situations suddenly involve the food you told yourself you would avoid. Shit.

Instagram Straight Flexing

Okay you followed a bunch of fitspiration accounts and your profile becomes flooded with snaps of your “delicious” meals. But there are only so many filters you can put on your pics of kale. You’ve probably already used the bunny emoji and the hashtag #dailygrind while instagramming your 3rd salad of the day.

The Office

You’ve politely rejected going to happy hour a few times now. It’s easy to be healthy at work because work keeps you busy, even if you’re sitting on your ass most of the day. But you took the stairs today, sweet. Wait, someone left homemade cookies in the kitchen and a box of rainbow strips…

A Bottle Of Wine A Day Keeps Sanity At Bay

You realize the stone-cold reality that it’s not a viable option to indulge in a whole meat-lovers pizza, box of Oreos, and a bottle of Pinot Grigio every time you have a shitty day. But a car rushed through a puddle and got mud all over your new J. Crew dress, and you spilled coffee on your Macbook, and you just got your period…

One Fry is All It Takes

You’ve turned down free beer at the bar because empty calories, duh. You might’ve had a few tequila shots with your girls; enough to get buzzed. But now your friends are at Smoke’s Poutinerie that’s open until 2AM. No, you’re better than this. You know 1 fry is all it takes. This is going to lead you to question why you even let yourself go out in the first place.

Peasant Grocery Shopping

Whole Foods is your sanctuary. It’s easy being healthy in here. 1 in 3 people here are carrying yoga mats, maybe you should try doing yoga. I mean it’s just slow stretching, right? Your grocery shopping endeavours open your eyes to the brutal reality that healthy organic food is expensive. You’re borderline going broke from the prepared foods section. Junk food is cheaper and more accessible I mean how can you beat McDonald’s value picks?? Obesity is a crisis for this very reason.


Tell us:

Is it possible to live a healthy lifestyle without tearing a hole in your wallet?

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