7 Amazing but Weird Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

Sure your job may pay well, but do you have fun doing it? Who wants to spend the rest of their life behind a desk? Why not go down some slides or taste test or jump on a bed – and actually get paid for it? With this list of amazing and weird jobs, you may just reconsider your career path.

DF - Mattress Jumping

1. Mattress Jumper

It’s true. We never have to grow up from our childhood. This weird job has an individual jumping on a mattress to compress the inner materials. This is obviously a job for a handmade-mattress factory since machines aren’t there to do it, but who needs machines anyway?

DF - Face Feeler

2. Face Feeler

How do you think companies can claim if a certain product will make you skin super smooth and soft? It’s all thanks to face feelers. In this job, women volunteer to use products and the face feelers will approach the women and, well, feel their face. And while you may think this is easy-peasy, most feelers generally have to go through some training before they can work.

DF - Lipstick Reader

3. Lipstick Reader

Palm reading was so the 20th century. Now we’ve got lip reading. In this job, professionals are trained to read the imprint of your lipstick and predict your future.

DF - Cuddler

4. Professional Cuddler

For those days you want a cuddle buddy, and no you’re not about to delve in an app that gives you that, you can actually delve into a professional cuddle. In this weird job, cuddlers can actually make $120 per hour.

DF - Gum

5. Gumologist

Now you can get paid to chew gum with this weird job. With this job you taste test the flavours and texture of new gum.

And another part of the job description: blowing bubbles. Some days you’re expected to blow a lot and some days you don’t.

DF - Ice Cream Tester

6. Ice Cream Tester

Yes, this is a thing. And yes, some instances have you earn $60,000 a year! With this job you not only get to try ice cream flavours (how much more awesome can you get?), but you also test the ice cream for texture, smell, and consistency.

DF - Water Slide

7. Water Slide Tester

This a weird job, but it’s amazing! With this career path you’re paid to travel to parks around the world and test the water slides to rate them. Most often than not you’re expected to test a slide more than once, while also looking out for any safety precautions and report them to the company. Some testers even find themselves travelling to Egypt and Turkey! Talk about fun.

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