7 Breathtaking Views To Visit Before It’s Too Late


Traveling feeds the soul. You’ve got to nourish yourself by visiting these places before you die. Bucket list!

Once you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Niagara Falls, and all those touristy attractions- you’ve seen them. As much as you think, because you’ve seen all of those, you’ve visited some of the best travel destinations in the world- you’re wrong.

There’s something about travelling that just makes you feel alive- especially when the destination is absolutely breathtaking and a place that looks completely untouched by man. Most tourist spots have been tainted by their status of being just that- a tourist attraction. The world is full of absolutely breathtaking spots that we’re completely oblivious too (even when they’re in our backyards). We have committed ourselves to finding these spots and publicizing them. They deserve every inch of fame they get.

Needless to say, these travel destinations have been added to our bucket list (and have easily surpassed the tourist attractions we have yet to visit). We definitely think they should be added to yours too. You will not believe some of these stunning spots- we were dying over #1.

Top 7 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before It’s Too Late

#7)  Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve- Wulingyuan, China


Doesn’t it look like a dream? These stone towers are hugged by thick clouds that make you forget you’re on earth. What’s great about it is that, even though it’s one of China’s most breathtaking landscapes, it is very rarely crowded with heaps of tourists. Before it gets that way, make sure you get a nice snap of this breathtaking view.

#6) Haiku Stairs, “The Stairway to Heaven”- Oahu, Hawaii

Haiku Stairs

Approach the Haiku Stairs at your own risk, but we promise that when you get to the top- it’ll feel just like you’re in heaven. It actually isn’t even open to the public- but people climb it anyways. After all, the journey to the afterlife, can’t be that easy. Luckily, you can climb back down to reality when you want to- although those views may just keep you captivated forever.

#5) Blue Lagoon Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

Blue Lagoon

No- it’s not the world after an atomic bomb or the apocalypse. The lagoon pops out of Rocas Baimbridgen. The Galapagos Islands are renowned for their stunning landscape, but this lagoon takes the cake. It’s a true pocket of beauty right in the middle of the deep blue.

#4) Hardanger Bridge, Norway

Hardanger Bridge

It looks like a scene right out of the Game of Thrones, no? This is probably not the greatest destination for those with a fear of heights- but it’s an experience of a lifetime for sure. During foggy times, the suspension bridge gives you the sensation of flying like a bird.

#3) Skaftafell Ice Cave- Iceland

Skaftafel Ice Cave

We caption this photo as: “the sky on fire”. If you can make the trek here, you’ll truly feel like you’re in the presence of something so much greater than you. I mean, you are in a cave within a glacier, after all- and those things are massive!

#2) Mount Roraima- Venezuela

Mount Roraima

Mount Olympus, is that you?! Nope, it is a mountain though- a mountain that looks like it was made for the Gods. It is hard to access in terms of climbing it- although some have completed the feat. It is definitely a sight for soar eyes though.

#1) Heaven’s Gate Mountain- China

Its namesake gives away its allure. It is an entrance to the heavens- it definitely looks like it, at least. It is part of Mount Tai, one of the “Five Great Mountains”. Its status as a natural phenomenon has historically been a place of worship and awe, dating back 3000 years, where significant ceremonies were held. If you need spiritual awakening, let us tell you, looking up towards the sky entrance is as uplifting as it gets. For this reason, it’s our numero uno breathtaking destination!

Heavens Gate


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