Top 7 Classic Movies Your Kids Must Watch

In the age of iPads, Netflix, and Youtube, the whole “classic movies” concept gets lost in translation (pun intended). Make sure your kids don’t miss out on it.

As times change, so does pop culture. We get that. Somehow we don’t know if we can live in a society that doesn’t know the Muppets and the Princess Bride though.

So let’s all work together here and make sure the future generations know the classics. These films were pioneers in the PG-13 field of movies. Not to mention, they were also on VCR repeat for us. Sure, your kids will probably complain about the horrible graphics and the lack of modern technology displayed. Consider it a history lesson for them. TV has only been around this past century. They need to realize how far technology and society has come. It will open their eyes and minds to the real world- which is never a bad thing.

We’ve rounded up our top 7 classic movies that you have no option than to show your kids. You just must. There are several that go beyond this list. Consider this 7 some of the staples. If they’ve got these 7 classic movies on their watched list, you’re ok.

Just to be clear, we are referring to the original versions of these classic movies. None of these remakes that we’re seeing in 3D now.

7. The Muppet Movie

The Muppets were and always will be a classic movie. It embraces everything that should be highlighted in a child’s life- happiness, friendship, loyalty, and laughter. They’ll find it entertaining when they’re 4 and even more meaningful when they’re 10. Not to mention, watching it as an adult now, will give you deeper insight into the subliminal messages the movie has hidden within its scenes.

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

If they haven’t already, you should get your kids on reading Roald Dahl books. This movie will have your kids’ imaginations running wild (hopefully they don’t spook or have nightmares easily). The film is quite trippy, but for the kids, they’ll think it’s cool and fantasy-like.

5. Toy Story

There’s no way you can let your kids out into the real world without knowing the phrase “To Infinity and Beyond”. As Pixar’s first ever feature film, Toy Story is a historical cinematic milestone for the world. The story line teaches kids love and loss, partnership and friendship. They’ll most likely want to watch it several times over. We wouldn’t blame them either, it’s pretty funny.

4. Babe

Who doesn’t love adorable farm animals who talk and teach a great moral lesson. Your kids may go vegetarian after watching it- but you know what, we believe they’ll become better little people by learning the lesson. Animals are living creatures too!

3. Finding Nemo

This is possibly Pixar’s most touching movie. We can’t lie, we definitely shed a few tears watching it for the first time. After all, it teach us that in life you have to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. Nemo placed animated movies to the next level. The ties of family and love are exemplified in the perfect manner in Finding Nemo. You kids will be hugging you like no other after watching it. You might shed a couple tears too.

2. The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music was made in the heart of the Hollywood days of musicals. We all hummed the songs growing up and we don’t think our kids shouldn’t be deprived of the pleasure. Sure, we don’t want them to think we want our hubbies falling in love with the nannies, but the true morals behind the plot will have your kids dancing around in joy. Hey, maybe they’ll want to be involved in a musical themselves afterwards.

1. Wizard of Oz

This is by far the #1 classic you must make sure your kids are exposed to. The lessons that each character represents and teaches is one thing but the entire production demonstrates the transition of film and cinematography. Although they may not realize it now, the fact that they’ve watched it is an investment in the future. They’ll be able to chat with senior execs who are a whole two generations above them. See! You’re looking out for your kids’ futures!

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