7 DIY Photography Tricks Using Household Objects

The photographers of COOPH (The Creative of Photography) have brought yet another video, this time to teach some handy DIY photography tricks and tips for anyone that has a DSLR.

These easy photography tricks can turn your photographs into something unique and inspire you to do something different. Some of these effects are very cool; we advice you to watch the video for full instructions, but we have provided a summary of what to do for those that just want step by step instructions!

This video is fully credited to those at COOPH.

Trick #1: The Beer Cosy


Protect your lenses simply by using a beer cosy to store them in! It’s safe and protective and can be used for storing them or for just leaving them on the counter (in case you’re afraid someone might knock it over.)


Trick #2: The Black Tile


Use a black tile to be a placement for product photography. Simply place it underneath to create a cool illuminated effect. Slowly move a tablet in the background and set your ISO to 100 and exposure to f14 for a cool painted light effect.


Trick #3: Your Grandma’s Glass Ball


Shoot through the ball and flip it for a nice fish-eye effect. Blur the back and sharpen the glass ball! It will loose like there’s a separate picture.


Trick #4: Aerosol spray and lighter

4aerosol spray

Using Aerosol spray and lighter, have someone (or yourself, if you are careful enough!) place it in front of the camera for a sizzling hot flame effect in your photos without Photoshop.


Trick #5: Tights & Rubber Band


Cutting up the foot section of a normal pair of nude tights, place it over your lenses and use a rubber band to hold it in place. You will have created a  blurry/sepia feel in your photos without filters!


Tip #6: Mirror


Using a mirror in the sun, aim the mirror at the subject for a nice lighting effect without any special lighting equipment.


Tip #7: Cheap Tube Light


Buy a cheap tube light and have the subject hold the tube light, in the dark. It comes out as a beam of glowing neon light, be sure to have fun and get creative with it as well!


Tell us…

What are some photography tricks you know?


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