7 Foods You Should Eat If You Have The Flu

Uh oh! Flu season is here! 

It’s best to have some good nutritious foods in your diet if you’re feeling down or have the flu, because you’re in your most crucial time period of repairing your body. You will most likely be deprived of vitamins and energy. You can get rid of the McD’s for a bit and have these things if you’re determined to get better:



Lemons will help you a lot when you’re sick. They are full of vitamin C and vitamin C helps to aid in the common cold. It shorts the duration of your sickness as well as helps prevent any future sicknesses. They also decrease mucus production and help your throat feel better.

Hot (Honey) Lemon: Cut up a few lemons in half and juice them into a cup of hot tea or water. Add honey instead of sugar if you want to sweeten it.


Raw Garlic

Garlic can be nasty, but it does the trick in getting rid of all the nasty bacteria or viruses in your body. Garlic is known for being able to ward off evil spirits, but it does the same trick for colds. The thing about this is that you have to eat it raw or else its bacteria-killing properties won’t work!

Garlic toast: Spread raw garlic with butter on a piece of toast. You can also add it into your guacamole and spread it on top as well!



Honey is a sweetie, and it does wonders for your sore throat. It acts as a antimicrobial and relieves the mucus and will stop your coughing. Simply add some honey to your tea or make a hot honey lemon drink. You can eat it as well, but drinking hot honey will sooth your throat.

Honey ginger tea: Put a pouch of ginger tea and fill it up 3/4th of the way with hot water. Squeeze some melted honey into the drink and top it up. Don’t be afraid if it’s too sweet.



This is the Asian go to when you’re sick. Congee is great for you when you’re sick because it’s so easy to digest, gets you full and your body doesn’t need to use more energy to break it down. Most congee has a bunch of nutritious add-ons, such as chicken, fish, egg, and ginger.

Chicken Broth Congee: Add chicken broth, white rice, ginger, and water into a pot and heat it over medium heat. Keep stirring it until it becomes mushy (may take up to an hour). Put whatever meats you want into it (such as chicken, clam, fish, duck, lobster) and mix it into the congee. Serve with garnished cilantro and scallions. 

chicken noodle soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

The classic chicken noodle soup is known to be the #1 go-to when you’re sick. It clears up your congestion as well as clear up mucus in your throat and in your chest. The best kind of chicken soup is one with onions, garlic, and a bit of chili. Try to avoid milky products or milky soups because they tend to clog up the mucus even more.

Chicken Noodle Soup: You can make a pretty healthy looking chicken noodle soup here.

chili pepper

Chili (Spicy Foods)

Spicy foods may seem icky and you might think it may do worse than good, but spicy foods actually decongest you and help you breathe. It helps get rid of the mucus by having your body react to the burning sensation. It also adds a bit of flavour in your congee or soup if you feel like it’s a bit bland.

Pan-seared chilli pepper: Add some chili peppers and some garlic all in one for a sizzling, hot dish (and we mean it). 

orange juice

Orange Juice

Orange juice is great for you just as is lemons. It is full of vitamin C and it can be quickly absorbed by your body. Try to buy orange juice that’s not from concentrate, but also watch out for the sugar content in whatever you are buying. The best orange juice is the one that has just been squeezed (at home).

Homemade Orange Juice: Use 3-4 oranges and cut them into halves. Squeeze them into a cup. If possible, get a real citrus juicer to squeeze the juice out better.

Tell us…

What is your go-to food for when you’re sick?

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