7 Horror Movies to Get You Scared for Halloween

7 Horror Movies to Get You Scared for Halloween

7 Horror Movies to Get You Scared for Halloween

Need some movies to get you mentally prepared for Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner (don’t lie, we know you’ve already started to think about what you want to dress up as), so it’s only fitting that scary movies are released in October, right? RIGHT? Okay, yeah it might be a little bit cliche, but Halloween really is the perfect time of the year to snuggle up with your newfound cuff and enjoy that body warmth. Here’s a suggestion, make sure you have a blanket and not just a pillow to cover your eyes. That blanket may come in handy for afterwards 😉


If you had a chance to catch the creepy movie, The Conjuring, last year, then you’ll know that this is the prequel to it. The scary Chucky counterpart doll, Annabelle, was lightly featured in last year’s horror film and will have a movie completely dedicated to it this year. If you thought dolls were scary enough already, then get ready for this movie to make your nightmarse come true.

Release date: October 3

Catch Hell

Saw may be over, but the producers of it aren’t. If you’re looking for another gory film to satisfy your hunger of horror, then Catch Hell is right up your alley. An actor is kidnapped and tortured by a group of vengeful men in a forest due to a mistake in the past. Will he escape? We’re not quite sure, but if the producers of the Saw series is involved, we’ll bet our bottom dollar that some insane twist will be revealed.

Release date: October 10


The Town that Dreaded Sundown

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story and its twisted stories and plot lines then this movie is a must-see for you. Directed by the Co-Director of the FX fan-favorite is a movie about phantom killer that besieges a rural town almost a decade after a spree of murders occurred. We’re loving the masked mystery behind the murderer and can’t wait to find out how the rest of the story unfolds!

Release date: October 16


Yeah we know that gore and paranormal isn’t necessarily up everybody’s alley, and filmmakers now that too. Which is why an alien film is slated to be released this season as well. What we really want to know is just hat hapens when you’re abducted by aliens…

Release date: October 17


Fans of first-person movies will enjoy this one. Filmakers have caught on to the GoPRO obsession and have managed to incorporate footage taken by it into a movie that’s set to be released this October. Exists is a movie about a bunch of friends camping in the woods who experience an urban myth come to life. Luckily for us, camping season is almost over, so these fears won’t be realized until next year when summer re-emerges.

Release date: October 24


Fans of Insidious, Paranormal Activity and Sinister are in for a treat. The director of those movies is back this season with another horror movie ready to leave you in goosebumps for the rest of the winter. Jessabelle is about a girl who’s returned back to her home only to be haunted by some paranormal spirit from her past. Although this movie won’t be released till after Halloween, it’ll be a great way to reminisce a week after the fun has ended.

Release date: November 7


Although this movie isn’t set to be released until December, it alread has us anticipating it’s arrival. It’s been awhile since a good mummy movie has been in the box office and this one appears to fill that gaping hole. Hopefully the whole movie is as action packed as the trailer seems. Don’t you just hate it when all of the good scenes from a movie are in the trailer and the rest of it is just plain boring? We’re holding out breaths!

Release date: December 5

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