7 Idiotic Things People Do At The Gym

Whether you’re a veteran or a new gym rat, you will probably see these mistakes being done at the gym. We are sure that you want to get the most “gains” from your workouts, so here’s one to the silly things we sometimes see people doing. Please don’t make the same mistakes that these people did:

1. Doing curls on the squat rack.


Can you please move your butt over to the curl rack right over there where no one is? Most gyms don’t have that many squat racks and it’s not uncommon to see 2-3 curl racks open when the squat racks are all taken/being waited upon. It’s more likely that you’re going to hurt yourself attempting such a stunt.

2. Texting.


You’re not here at the gym because you want to get a load of their free wifi and text your friends all about that cute guy you see at the squat rack. No, you’re here to get sweaty, gross, and work your ass off. Leave your phone in the lockers where they belong. Every gym rat will hate you if you’re taking up a machine and you’re just chilling on your phone.

3. Crossfit


Have you been brainwashed by the cult that is crossfit? Crossfitters will often tell you that it’s the best workout out there, and that it’s proven to be the most effective form of cutting and gaining. If you actually looked into their exercises, you will see that some of these exercises such as the Kipping Pullup don’t work and will most likely hurt you.

4. Overly creative gym rats.


Okay, so your friend is like “Hey I saw this INSANE move on the internet and we HAVE to try it out” and it ends up being you doing something ridiculous like photo above… Please stop trying to be “creative” unless you’re with a professional trainer and you’re signing up for the Olympics.

5. Improper form on machines.


One of the biggest things we see at the gym are poor forms. For example, if you’re doing lat pulldowns and your back is either bent in or curved in, you’re most likely going to break your back. No one wants to get the medics up in here because someone is using a machine for something it’s not meant for.

6. Dressed up like you’re going clubbing.

workout makeup

If you’re dressed like you could go out clubbing with your makeup/clothes, then you don’t need to be here at the gym. Get out. You’re at the gym to work your ass off and get sweaty, gross, and fit. You have no need to prepare an hour+ getting ready when no one at the gym cares what you look like.

7. Not practicing “proper gym etiquette”.


Do you practice proper gym etiquette? There’s nothing more annoying than going to a machine that someone has drenched in sweat and having to wipe it down for them because it smells of B.O. Or having 400lbs of weights on your bench press and having to remove and rerack it.

Please, practice gym etiquette.

What annoying habits do you see people doing at the gym?

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