7 Insane Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

7 Insane Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

It seems that everyone these days are looking to lose a few pounds and look their best. And everyone wants it right now. However, it’s all too easy to become sucked into the “quick” way out, through the fad diets that promise immediate results. The truth is that these diets are extremely dangerous for your health, and there is simply no shortcut to losing weight. Some of the following diets are so strange, you really have to wonder who on earth came up with them.

Here are some of the most outrageous diets out there:

1. Twinkie Diet

7 Insane Diets You Won't Believe Exist

This diet’s rules are simple: eat nothing but Twinkies. Weighing in at about 150 calories each, the diet’s reasoning is that even if you have 10 Twinkies, you’re still only ingesting 1500 calories. It’s one of the more appealing (but not really) diets on this list, because let’s be real, in an ideal world, who wouldn’t want to gorge themselves on Twinkies?

The horrible truth, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out for yourself, is that Twinkies do not contain any necessary nutrients your body needs to survive. But you do ingest a ton of sugar, which then is stored as fat in your body, as well as unhealthy amounts cholesterol.

2. Sleeping Beauty Diet

7 Insane Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

Sleeping all day is what this diet entails. Because if you’re sleeping, you’re not eating. However, too much sleep can be really detrimental to your health, potentially leading to diabetes, back pain, and heart disease. And who can actually sleep for most of the day? After a while you’ll just be lying on the bed, very much awake, with a rolling hunger in your stomach.

3. Cabbage Soup Diet

7 Insane Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

The cabbage soup diet requires you to eat cabbage soup to satisfy your hunger. It’s an extremely low-fat and low-calorie diet. Some versions allow for ingestion of other foods as well, like other vegetables and some meats, but the bottom line is that you’re not getting the variety of foods you need to be healthy. The caloric intake is too low for your body to perform its everyday functions, like maintaining your metabolism, for instance.

4. Tapeworm Diet

This diet requires you to invite a tapeworm into your stomach, either through (illegal) pills or through ingesting raw meat. Already sounds disgusting. The rationalization of this diet is that the tapeworms will eat your food, so that you can continue eating the way you do, without absorbing all the calories.

The glaring problem with this diet is that tapeworms are parasites and are not supposed to work symbiotically with your body. Tapeworms can also move from out of your stomach through your bloodstream and into other parts of your body, where they will not eat your food and will cause damage.

5.Cotton Ball Diet

7 Insane Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

This ominous sounding diet involves eating cotton balls, often soaked in juice or water. The reasoning behind this is that the cotton balls will act like sponges in the stomach, expanding and making you feel full. But cotton balls aren’t food. Cotton balls can cause intestinal obstructions, blocking your necessary bowel movements.

This one sounds like something you might find on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”.

6. Ear Stapling

This diet is not so much a diet as a weight loss “trick”. It involves surgically stapling your inner ears at certain pressure points to reduce hunger. Besides being really weird, after a few weeks, your body gets used to the changes and it stops regulating your hunger. So, effectively, it does nothing. And if you ever want to remove the foreign metal from your body, you’ll to have to get another surgery.

7. Vision Diet

7 Insane Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

The colour blue is scientifically proven to curb appetite. For this diet, you wear a pair of blue lens glasses so that you don’t feel hungry. Other than looking like a wannabe cool-kid, colour altering mood is very psychologically based. For some people it may work but for others it may do nothing. While this particular diet is not life-threatening, it’s kind of far-fetched.

The common denominator of all these crazy diets is that they are not sustainable. While doing these diets, you may lose weight, but they’re not something you can reasonably continue in your life. Once you stop, you gain the weight back.

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