7 Reasons Every Girl Needs a Boy Detox

You’ve all heard of the lemon water detox, the meat detox, the juicing detox, and we all know how those detoxes are meant to make us healthier individuals. What’s healthier for  your own soul than a boy detox?

If you’re in a relationship that’s great. If you’re seeing someone (or a hook-up on the side), good for you. But if you’re single and doing none of the above, that’s awesome!

While relationships have their upside, there is a definite plus to being single and boy-free!

Every girl needs to have a boy detox at least once in their life and here are seven reasons why. So, forget flirting, don’t look for a relationship, delete all those numbers clogging up your phone, erase those stupid text messages and just let loose.


1. Spend time with people who actually matter.

Spend time with the people who have been there since day one. Go out, have fun, do things that don’t give you a headache. Catch up on each other’s lives and have fun with no expectations. With a boy detox you’re reminded to surround yourself with the people who value you. With no one breathing down your neck or feeling sensitive because of your social life choices, Friday nights are going to be 50 times more enjoyable!

2. Who needs to bother with looking good?

If you’re on a boy detox, there’s no problem with lazy day wear. You’re not trying to get anyone’s attention, so let’s just skip all that hassle. Shaving? Who cares. Makeup? Don’t bother with it. Spending forever and a day trying to find a good outfit? Just toss on whatever you can find. Save those extra half-hours for sleeping in. You don’t have to worry about impressing anyone when you go out. Wear what you want, when you want, wherever you want. You learn to embrace yourself even more.

3. Burping isn’t taboo.

Remember how you don’t have to physically impress someone? Well with a boy detox it’s a free-for-fall. We’re girls, we can be gross sometimes (and admit ladies, you know you have your moments). So if you need to burp, just burp – there is no male around to judge you. Hey, we’re not perfect!


4. It’s less stress.

Have you ever had one of those “he-likes-me-he-likes-me-not” pity parties? Well, pity party no more! Ever had those moments where you’re waiting for his texts (and over analyzing every single one of his decisions)? Pft, that’s no longer a problem. Ever had those moments where some days your communication is just mute? Forget about them.

Having a boy detox is great because you don’t have to worry about any more of those things. You don’t have to stress over whether someone will be mad if you go out, whether they will actually reply, and if your plans will go through. You  are no longer responsible for anything except “me, myself and I.”

5. Forget overthinking what to say.

Ever had those moments where you internally cringed or face palmed yourself because you said the most embarrassing/stupidest/awkwardest thing ever? You don’t have to worry about it anymore With a boy detox who cares what you say? You’re not trying to impress someone with your vast knowledge or smart vocabulary. And if you do say something relatively embarrassing, you’re not into them, so you’ll be going home with a peace of mind.

6. Relying on them isn’t a problem anymore.

Don’t you hate it when guys bail on plans? Doesn’t it suck when you have to wait around for them? It’s the worst when they cancel last minute, or decide to skip out on what you want to hang with their boys. Patience is a virtue, but putting up with them shouldn’t have to be. Finally, with a boy detox, you can see that movie you know he wouldn’t watch with you! Finally you can just go wherever, whenever! Finally you don’t have to compromise!

So long waiting around the clock, hello the highway called “my way.”


And the most important reason of all:

7. Learn to love yourself so a boy doesn’t need to.

When you’re not focused on boys, you’re focused on what makes you happy. Work out some more, read a book more, do something you’ve never gotten to do before. Be confident in yourself. When you have a boy detox you learn to be independent and to put your confidence in yourself. You learn to not let what a guy thinks of you impact what you think of yourself.

With a boy detox, you learn to love yourself: talents and scars and flaws and all.

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