7 Reasons It’s Time To Get Rid Of Your “Evil” Roommate

For most people, a bad roommate constitutes someone who doesn’t do dishes or doesn’t drain the tub after showering or even spills beer on the couch. All of those things, while super annoying, are still tolerable to some extent depending on your housing situation. Then, there is the other species; the purely diabolic beings who make you so miserable that you dread going home. It might seem like it will pass, but it doesn’t – its not a phase!

If you aren’t thinking of it already, here are a few reasons to direct you into that frustration free zone a.k.a 7 reasons you need to get rid of your “evil” roommate.

1. No Boundaries

7 Reasons It's Time To Get Rid Of Your "Evil" Roommate

He/she has no consideration for your personal space. What’s yours is NOT supposed to be theirs. It’s not a relationship, to which there are still boundaries. If they’re in your bed watching Netflix and eating Cheetos – you have to take charge! If they’ve read your diary/ journal, then break that lease right away!

2. You Never Get To Eat Leftovers

Why? Because they eat up all your food! That’s why! Ever had that time when you saved that last slice of pizza in the fridge to eat after you head home after school/work? You even think of a movie/TV show to watch while you eat your delicious leftover food and when you get home and open the fridge with a big smile. *Poof* You want to scream because there isn’t anything there! Confrontation is usually met with – “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” People shouldn’t be messing with your food. It’s time to show this roommate the door. NOW.

3. When Your New Clothes Aren’t New Anymore

Remember that time when you went all out and spent a fortune on an outfit for that special occasion and even made special space in your closet for it? You look in your closet one day and it’s missing! Gone. You then see your roomie wearing it and to make matters worse, “ Oh hey, just borrowed your outfit for a friends birthday! Might have got some cake on it”. If you’re tolerant to this, then you are a saint! Stop. Get rid of this person ASAP.

4. Can’t Pay Rent

7 Reasons It's Time To Get Rid Of Your "Evil" Roommate

This is a direct sign! “Can’t pay rent this month because I totally splurged on vacation” is not a solid excuse. A medical emergency perhaps, deserves some sympathy. Outrageous reasons like I spent it on shoes or that I had to buy a cat are just not worthy of consideration. What’s the point of sharing a place with someone if they’re living off of you? Its time to say goodbye.

5. Untrained OR Scary Pets

If he/she has a snake or some other reptile as a pet, then it has to stay within their space. Coming home to find a snake in your bed is just scary and unacceptable. Even a cute pet can be a nuisance if they aren’t properly trained; cat fur all over or having your important report shredded to bits by their dog is not something you should have to deal with. Poo in your room/ bed is cause for immediate dismissal.

6. Excessive Sex Noises

You come home after a really long day and just want to hit the sack, transcend into a deep peaceful sleep and let your worries fade away. You’ve changed into your sleep wear and are all tucked in and it starts! The headboard, the moaning and maybe the screaming. Honestly, do they not realize that other people share the place? Once in a while is understandable, but every other night? It’s time they take their sex adventures some place else.

7. Too Many Guests

7 Reasons It's Time To Get Rid Of Your "Evil" Roommate

Having his/her friends over ALL the time is just irritating. It’s worse if their friends aren’t considerate and basically pretend like you don’t exist! If he/she and their “band” is having a heavy metal jam session every other day and ask you to “chill”, then pull the plug and get rid of them all. Most importantly, if his/her family practically lives with you, you definitely have a problem!

If you want to avoid this dramatic experience altogether, then here are tips to choose the right roommate.

Tell us your horrible roommate stories! What are some other signs to watch out for?

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  1. Man, those qualites are text book for disaster. Imagine them all wraped up in one devil package. Guys! here’s something all should look out for. Thanks for the push!

  2. Opening your bags and gifts to see who is it from. And then denying opening it. Locking the door from inside and refusing to open it is a little late and then saying get your own key made if you have to come late. And food and clothes stealing is so common I had stopped saying anything now. It’s too much headache.

  3. Yep. I had no idea before this new one of mine. She does or tries to hoard every place and you have to clean the kitchen floors DAILY from bread crumbs etc. in order to walk without shoes and when you stop, she starts to scream, that she has never seen you cleaning ever and denies ever wanting anything even though she almost drove you crazy by wanting new spesific kind of kitchen ware to be bought and claims that never saw you cleaning anything when you are practically the only one who cleans in the place.


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