7 Reasons Why We Don’t Want To Get Married

7 Reasons Why We Don't Want To Get Married

With the US taking one of the top 5 highest divorce rates per country, no wonder people are less inclined to get married. Why did it come to this? Marriage is supposed to be a happy union between two people. Does no one want to be happy anymore? Perhaps happiness is now taken a different direction, and it doesn’t involve marriage. With this being said, people who choose not to get married all have perfectly viable reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons as to why people don’t want to get married.

“I Don’t Want To Lose Out on New Love”

Otherwise known as “commitment issues”. People that choose to not get married always feel like someone “out there” is their soul mate. So instead of making it work with someone that they are already with, they decide to keep their options open. There is absolutely no problem with feeling this way, not every window of opportunity opens when you want it to.

“I’m Gonna Lose Out On Sex”

7 Reasons Why We Don't Want To Get MarriedMeaning you don’t want to give up on hook-up culture. Life is exciting when you can just go out with different people and have spontaneous sex. If you are married, it may start to get a little vanilla. You only sleep with one person (or whomever you agree with), and everything becomes routine. The feelings of ecstasy are gone and so is the chase.

“I Have Standards”

By standards, we mean, you don’t want to waste your time. Marriage is supposed to be a one-time thing and so generally there is a criteria you’d follow in the marriage process. Plus, sometimes you may want to get swept away by a Nicolas Sparks novel hottie – only then will we conform to marriage.

“It’s Too Much Money”

 7-Reasons-Why-We-Dont-Want-To-Get-Married-On average, it costs about $25,000 to get married. This includes venue, food, the dress, decor and much more. This cost can become a huge burden on you and your significant other. Not only will you have to get married, but you also need to get your own place together. Financial costs can be a huge liability on your future lives together. So instead of spending that extra 25k on a wedding, use it towards something you and your significant other will enjoy, like a vacation!


“I Am Independent, Who Says I Need To Tie the Knot?”

With all the prenuptial agreements giving us major headaches, why bother getting married? Being a fully independent person means that you won’t ever have to rely on someone else. Also, by being independent, you are only responsible for yourself. You can just date whomever you please, and if they don’t conform to your needs, they are gone!

“I Don’t Want To Start Making Forceful Compromises”

7 Reasons Why We Don't Want To Get Married-1Give and take? No way. Not to sound selfish, but making compromises is so lackluster. By becoming married, you’d have to make decisions based on a compromise amongst two people. Why can’t one person do all the decision making? Because it is not fair.

“I Don’t Want To End Up Divorced”

No matter the reason, no one wants to get divorced. It takes a huge toll on your life. It will affect you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. Divorces also cause an awkward rift between the friends and family that you and your partner shared. It’s a huge roller coaster that is very tiring, and everyone wants to avoid.

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