7 Reasons Zumba is the Best Workout Ever

Does anyone even like working out? Well, actually, Zumba converts do! Zumba is a fun, upbeat, and different way to work out, lose fat, and keep healthy. It’s basically aerobics combined with latin dance. In other words, it’s basically a lot of fun.

7 Reasons Zumba is the Best Workout Ever

1. It’s not boring.

The elliptical is pretty boring, let’s be real. The treadmill is boring. The gym is boring — except for the Zumba fitness room, because Zumba is super fun. You get to jump around to upbeat, high-energy music. Huffington Post tells us that when we make gestures or movements that relate to an emotion, we can feel the emotion too. Zumba is full of big sweeping movements and happy hopping — meaning you’re going to feel really good about the whole thing.

2. It works both cardio and strength

7 Reasons Zumba is the Best Workout Ever

When you do pure cardio workouts like these, that’s great for fat burning. But what a lot of ladies forget is that strength training is super important too — building and toning those muscles (don’t worry, you won’t get bulky). And the thing about Zumba is that it does both. It’s a full body, complete (and did I mention fun?) workout. In other words, you burn a lot of calories.

3. It won’t kill you

Zumba is a great intense and effective work out, but it won’t kill you. It’s intense enough that you really have to work to keep up, but not too intense that you’re dying at the end. Other workouts like P90x or Insanity are awesome — but it can be a bit much for some people. When a workout is hard and beats you up at the end, you’re not likely going to jump at the next opportunity to do it again. Zumba won’t kill you.

4. It’s social

You’re working out with a bunch of other people, dancing together and having fun together. Everyone is nervous at first when faced with some of the more exotic movements, but after a while you get to loosen up, because everyone is doing it too. It’s encouraging to just let go and Zumba yourself away.

5. You learn to dance

7 Reasons Zumba is the Best Workout Ever

The moves in Zumba are easy-to-follow and repetitive. Often, instructors will choreograph them in accordance to lyrics too. The songs used also usually have very strong and distinctive beats, which make it easier to find the right beat to step to. The instructor is also always in front of you to guide you along. When everyone else is struggling beside you too, you don’t feel as bad for trying (and sometimes not entirely getting it).

6. You’ll feel like a woman

Zumba is, like I said before, a kind of spin off of latin dancing. That means a lot of hip work, body rolling, and other moves that take advantage of the female body, in a way that’s not at all sexualized. And this doesn’t mean that men can’t do it too! It’s just that if you’re a woman, you’ll feel like a woman. 

7. You’ll always want to go back again

7 Reasons Zumba is the Best Workout Ever

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