7 Struggles Of Having A Resting Nice Face

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

You’ve heard of the RBF? Where your default expression is kind of mean and intimidating? Well, here’s to the people who have the opposite problem: the resting nice face. Here are some very real problems your default expression is a friendly open smile.

1. People can’t tell when you’re getting mad

7 struggles of having a resting nice faceThis is perhaps the most annoying thing about having a resting nice face. People don’t know when they’re frustrating you or making you feel uncomfortable. Your expression just doesn’t translate anger. So then they just continue saying those things that make you mad.

2. You always get targeted by street fundraisers

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

Having a resting nice face makes you look universally friendly and approachable, which is usually a great thing. But those big hearted people with the big smiles and clipboards, standing around on the streets trying to lure people in to donate money — your resting nice face works its magic on them too. You always get targeted by them because you look less likely to explode at them and ignore them — and they’re usually right.

3. Guys always think you’re interested in them

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

Somehow, because your curtesy hinders you from showing your outward distaste, that translates into non-existent interest in the other party. Maybe some guys only look for obvious outward signs, but something in your kind expression probably means you care a lot about them. Oops.

4. People can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

“Wait, what?”

Whenever you try to use sarcasm as a joke (like normal people do), people just stare at you blankly. They take what you said literally and get confused or troubled. Somehow your well thought out and cleverly biting words don’t translate or register. Your resting nice face is too innocently affectionate. Darn.

5. People are surprised when they find out you’re competitive

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

Your resting nice face makes people think you’re somehow demure and gentle. When they find out you like sports, or game, or just really like winning, it throws them off. You don’t seem like the type to step on people’s toes or lie to get where you want. But that works in your advantage during poker.

6. People assume you’re a bit of a ditz

Somehow, having a resting nice face makes people feel like they can tell you anything and you’ll believe it. They think because you look nice, you’re not particularly critical of what people tell you, and you aren’t prone to doubt.

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

7. You always get mistaken for being younger

7 struggles of having a resting nice face

What is it about not smiling that makes people look more mature? Because it’s totally true. People who don’t smile look more powerful and in control. But see, I can’t help it if I smile by default. But that doesn’t mean I’m twelve.

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