7 Things That All Women Do In Secret

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Everyone has their hidden pot of secrets, from picking their nose to that tiny room in the basement. Don’t feel bad for being fooled, women are especially good at concealing theirs. No more hiding ladies because now I’m exposing us. Here are 7 things that all women do secretly:

1. Hair not done, nails not done, chilling with no make up on

If we don’t need to leave the house, don’t expect us to be done up at home. Instead, imagine a creature from the lagoon chilling in front of the laptop having a Netflix marathon and snacking on a family size bag of unhealthy. Our hair is probably pulled back and we’re definitely braless under a baggy t-shirt. Count yourself blessed if our teeth have been brushed and thank your lucky stars if our faces have been washed. This is a dangerous territory.

2. We like creeping on beautiful women too

Call it admiration, call it jealously, call it whatever you’d like, but women do check out other girls on a daily. Whether it’s because of her sense of style or we’re in awe of the wavy ombre hair, we like to take peeks from the corner of our eye. You know this is true because our Instagram feeds are filled with more women than hunky guys. We do appreciate a nice rack. But boyfriends, don’t take this as an ok to discuss insanely hot chick with us.

3. No skittles

Contrary to popular belief, we do not go to the washroom and excrete rainbows and coloured candies in there. Let this be known to everyone out there, the woman’s washroom is utterly disgusting. We may want to be perceived as clean and groomed creatures but don’t be fooled, there is a dirty clutterer within all of us.

4. Ugly faces and random noises

Known to only the men that have dated us and gotten to that comfort level they kinda wish they hadn’t reached, women like to make ugly faces and strange noises. I have occasionally distorted my face in the mirror and stared at myself later to think “what the heck was I doing?”. I’m not sure if it’s a trait inherited from our cavewoman ancestors, but I’ve gotten way too many snapchats of quadruple chins and background meowing to not notice. . Let the duck face be proof.

5. Supermodel status

After every woman has glammed up, she thinks she is the hottest sh*t out there. Excuse my language but that’s exactly what’s going on in her mind. The heels, the blown out hair and the fumes from designer perfume is equivalent to 6 shots of tequila, a confident boost without the teetering. It’s true! These three all made the list of 20 things that make a woman feel confident. You can tell from her demeanour and the amount of selfies she takes.

6. XXX

99% of women have watched porn, the other 1% either lies about it or has no access to the internet. We may all have peeked for different reasons but curiosity and human nature eventually gets the better of us. Somewhere down the line, each woman has also had their share of sexual fantasies with someone they’ve known for a long time. No need to be ashamed ladies, we know it’s in all of us. Why else do you think the “Fifty shades of Grey” trilogy sold millions world wide?

7. Nude selfies

If you think women take too many selfies in today’s day and age, you don’t know and have not seen the half of it. More specifically, the other half of it. Yup ladies and gents, almost every woman has probably taken a picture of themselves nude or in only panties and a bra. You can think of it as a progress check or plain curiosity. I’m sure many guys have done this too so we can all relate. Don’t think of finding one of these selfies on a woman’s phone because she probably deleted it after satisfying her curiosity.

Tell Us…

Did you ever guess any of these?

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