The 7 Types Of Friends That You Will Eventually Outgrow

When you grow up, your old friends will most likely change. There are a handful that will stay close to you, but for the most part, you will outgrow your friends from school as you get a job and/or a family.

Here are some of the friends you’ll most likely outgrow after you’re out of your 20’s/30’s.

1. The Spoiled Rich Kid

spoiled rich kids

It was fun and cool in high school to hang out with the people like the rich kids of Instagram. You probably wanted to be them, after seeing their parents buy them all the Barbies they wanted when you were a kid. In high school they had a BMW or maybe a Ferrari as a first car, while you got your parents’ hand-me-down Cadillac. When you reach the real world and still see that they have it easy without having to do anything, you’ll outgrow the novelty of it and move on to people who actually inspire you with the work they do.

2. The Selfish Best Friend

You’ve probably known him/her since High School or University and labelled each other “best friends” without understanding the full nature of the title. You soon realize that your best friend was just in the friendship for the benefit of themselves, of having someone be there for them when they need it, and disappear whenever you have problems. After a few years of not having to see them in school, you will finally come to see who really is a “best friend” and who’s not.

3. The Religious Preacher

This person tries to impose their religious beliefs onto you, no matter what you tell them. At first, they seem like they’re just really devoted to their religion, but as time passes, they force you into their religious events. The part that hasn’t grown up about them is that they think they can impose whatever they want. They will probably try to force your whole family into a baptism or to a mikvah.

4. The Unemployed Gamer

the unemployed gamer

This doesn’t have to be a just gamer — it could be anyone who just sits at home all day and does nothing but act in their own self interest. He/she has no aspirations with their life and continues to live in the moment. They will always try to find solace in a form of reality that doesn’t exist, and when you ask them what they’re going to do as a career, they tell you “I don’t want to think about it”.

5. The Annoying Narcissist

This person talks about themselves all the time, especially on social media. It’s unimpressive how long they can go on for just boasting about their collection of stuff, their sexcapdes with their flings, and their recent drinking binge. You used to think of them as being the amazing friend who tells you all the stories, but after a few years of knowing them, you realize they don’t have much to tell besides repeat the same stories over and over again.

6. The Raver Buddy

the raver buddy

Pretty much everyone has one of these by now — the one that who always hits up the EDM events on the weekends or holds on to whatever is the latest fad. Maybe in 10 year it’ll be country music, and hey, who knows (bet they’ll jump on it if everyone else is)? Either way, he/she will be the one you only see at these events and nothing else. You’ll wonder why they’re even your friend if they don’t know nothing else about you but your preference in music. When you eventually settle down and have a family, they will be the last person you’ll contact when you need people to come to your baby shower.

7. The Peter Pan

The person who is forever young. This person doesn’t believe that they will grow up, much like the #4 gamer, except they don’t even come to the realization that they’ve grown up. You want to be their friend, but they most likely have replaced all their friends with people 5 to 30 years younger than them. They still hit the clubs when they’re in their 40s and they encompass the attributes of all the above.

Tell us…

Do you know if you’re going to outgrow someone?

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