Rising Start-Ups: 7 Up and Coming Social Networks That Aren’t Facebook

Whether we want to be or not, most of us are connected to the Facebook community. Despite privacy invasion complaints, Facebook seems to uphold its popularity when it comes to social networks. Other contenders that rank high on the list of favourites are Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for personal expression, and Tumblr, Pinterest and StumbleUpon for sharing and discovering public topics. Since these are the leaders in social media, these up and coming social networks caught our attention because they tap into niche categories. We believe these are worth exploring for their unique and practical uses. Read on to discover 7 growing social networks that you should keep an eye on in 2015.



In a nutshell: The fastest photo and video messaging app

Often imitated, never duplicated, this app addresses exactly what the 21st century is all about: speed. As the fastest photo and video messaging platform, there have been many copycat attempts by other social networks. Taptalk is as straightforward as its name suggests – you just tap on a friend’s profile to send them a photo or video, captioned or not, which will be deleted after it has been viewed.

Available on:
iOS and Android



In a nutshell: The pay it forward network

Built on the idea that it costs nothing to be nice, Impossible is a “global community of help.” The founder, Lily Cole, came up with the concept that doing good deeds and giving thanks is more rewarding than giving likes. It is described as “a social giving network that shows your wishes to the people who may be able to grant them and shows you wishes you may be able to grant!” Once you’ve granted a wish, thanks are given and can be collected to purchase products and services globally.

Available on: iOS and Web

We Heart It


In a nutshell: An inspiration collection network where you feel the love

We Heart It is a platform where members can create collections of their favourite inspirational, artistic and creative images, judgment-free. The creator decided to exclude a comment function and only enable two positive actions – the ability for others to “heart it” or follow collections. We love We Heart It because you are free to express yourself and that in itself is inspiring.

Available on: iOS and Android



In a nutshell: Crowdsourced opinions in real time from real people

Have you ever needed an opinion in a flash, but found no one around to give it? Look no further than Thumb: the app that helps you receive opinions from real people online. Just be prepared for some honest and harsh critics as these opinions will be coming from strangers.

Available on: iOS and Android



In a nutshell: A mobile payment app within your social circle (It’s secure, don’t worry.)

Think PayPal, but more intimate. Venmo doubles as a social network as it allows you to chat and send messages to your personal payees. Splitting the bill between friends just got a whole lot easier and moving money in and out of your Venmo account to your bank account only takes one business day. It’s instant, free and secure.

Available on: iOS and Android



In a nutshell: You’re no longer restricted to 140 characters with this blog-publishing platform

Founded by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Medium is a platform to share stories and ideas with a supportive audience. Its design is compatible with all devices. User friendly means more readers, which means your writing is reaching more people. It also has a collaborative function as you can seek feedback from the Medium community before publishing. It’s a community that circulates published stories and ideas based on interest and engagement, so it’s a good place to build up readership.

Available on: iOS and Web



In a nutshell: According to Forbes, “Crushee is a new social network for best friends that haven’t met yet.”

Not classified as a dating site, but instead a place for people to meet who just want to talk to each other whether or not they know one another. Similar to dating sites, however, is that you anonymously “crush” people’s profile and if they happen to “crush” you back you are able to communicate. Crushee is an interesting hybrid social network for people to meet without the intention of dating or hooking up. For now.

Available on: Web (App coming soon)

Are you interested in checking out any of these up and coming social networks?


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