7 Watch Brands That Deserve More Love

As far as watch brands go, everyone and their grandmother is familiar with the typical Michael Kors. But who really has the cash to shell out $200-300 each time they want a nice watch. And many people treat their watches like articles of clothing – revolving pieces that require a different look with each different outfit. So in the grand scheme of things, there are many other lesser known brands out there who deserve some attention for their fantastic designs. And although they not receive as much publicity and marketing as MK, they’re just as good in quality, if not even better.

 1. Larsson & Jennings

If you’re looking for a watch brand with clean lines and Swiss made, check out Larrson and Jennings for smooth metalic finishes. Their simple faces coupled with wide straps make for casual yet sophisticated watches that can easily go from day to night.

7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love

 2. Fjord

If you’re in the market for a more mature aesthetic, look to Fjord to get the mother of pearl faces that won’t run you $500-600 a time piece. With an offering of both leather bands and links, Fjord provides quality pieces for an affordable price.

7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love


3. Shore Projects

If you’re the type of person that craves versatility and are frugal at the same time then Shore Projects is definitely a brand to consider. Their straps are removable and interchangeable in order to create a look suitable to your desires. And while this idea is not exactly the most innovative since many other watch brands have already jumped on it, Shore Projects’ available straps come in a bevy of interesting colors you won’t see elsewhere.

7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love


4. The Horse

This watch brand is easily one of my favorites due to the simplicity of the face as well as its affordability. Sitting at just under $130 for a watch (the new Classic line is about $185 a watch), it’s easy visualize these watches fitting into your every lifestyle. Theiminimalistic silhouettes as well as the neutral straps give the watches an effortless and timeless air.

7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love


5. The Everyday Watch

Produced by MIJLO, The Everyday Watch has a similar concept to Shore Projects’. The only exception is that The Everyday Watch comes as a premade kid with 2 faces and 5 different strap styles. Immediately off the bat you’re able to create 10 different looks without having to go out and purchase more from the company.

7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love

6. Daniel Wellington

Ever the Instagram cult favorite, I feel that Daniel Wellington still doesn’t receive the love that it deserves outside of the digital world of social media. Let’s make a different and put these vintage and sporty looking designs onto the map where they belong.

7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love7. Komono

If all of the other watch brands don’t quite cut it and you need something that’s a little bit quirkier, make sure to check out Komono for a variety of straps that come not only in different patterns, but different textures as well. 7 Watch Brands that Deserve More Love


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  1. Agree, The Horse watches are really beautiful in their simplicity. I own 2. They won’t break a wallet though 🙂

  2. I bought a Komono, beautiful and sleek but the watch body oxidized after 2 month. I couldn’t help to wonder if Fjord watches are the same since they too are made in China.


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