Save Money at the Airport with these 8 Tips

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There are a bunch of ways to save money when travelling. But, while we may think the damage to our wallets is thanks in part to our exotic-slash-European-destination choices and the price of airplane tickets, an equal culprit isn’t the destination or the plane – it’s the step before: the airport.

So while you have tips to buy sale tickets (and choosing round trip instead of one way), here are 8 additional tips to help you save money while travelling, especially at the airport.

1. Eat beforehand and pack your own snacks

Airport food is just as costly as airplane food. Save some money and eat before heading for the airport. If the munchies are still hitting, pack some snacks in your purse/carry-on. As per security and customs, make sure you don’t include any fresh fruit or vegetables.

2. Don’t buy your souvenirs last minute

So you forgot to grab a keychain for another relative? Tragic, but don’t buy one at the airport. Do all your gift-giving shopping before getting to the airport. It’s a lot cheaper and you’re given a lot more options.

3. And keep walking past the duty-free

Save money and skip out on browsing. While reduced prices for designer purses, bottles of vodka, and giant Toblerone bars may be exactly what you were looking for, the added weight won’t be beneficial to your luggage. And the added spending is terrible for your wallet.

4. Bring your own water bottle

Liquids aren’t allowed in your carry-on, but no one said anything about water bottles. Simply pack an empty water bottle into your carry-on. Once you’ve passed security, find a water fountain and fill your bottle up. It’s a great way to save money and avoid the costly prices of airport water bottles.


5. Make sure you have something to occupy you

Waiting for a flight can be the longest and most boring one to three hours of your life. So come prepared. Bring a deck of cards, a novel, a magazine, or your laptop. The stores in the waiting area are known to over charge on books and sources of fun. So save some money and skip on the excess purchases.

6. Pack a neck pillow

Airports are smart places. They know that most airline customers want a neck pillow – so, make sure you bring yours. If you don’t, you may end up paying $20+ for a simple pillow you could easily get for $10 at a department store. Save money, come prepared.

7. Weigh your luggage

Overweight luggage is one of the most damaging hits to your wallet, with some costs exceeding $200. Always weigh your luggage before you head to the airport.

(Tip: the best way to weigh your luggage is to stand on a scale, then stand on the scale lifting your luggage – just subtract the difference!)

Once you’re at the airport, they most often than not, provide complimentary (giant) weights, so you can make sure you’re with limits.

8. Give up your seat

This tip may not work for everyone, as it depends on your travel flexibility, but giving up your seat on an overbooked flight is a great way to get perks. If you volunteer to give up your seat, most airlines will reward you with a free hotel stay and free airline tickets. What better way to save money than to enjoy in the freebies?

Tell us…

What are your travel budgeting tips and tricks?

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