5 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society

5 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society

Although texting is efficient, in many ways it has completely ruined our society. Here are 5 ways that we think our lives would have benefitted without texting.

7 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society1. Breaking Up With Someone

Remember the good old days when your significant other would call you on the phone or pass you a note in class or even tell you in person “we need to talk“? Long gone are the times of talking in person. Nowadays, couples are breaking up over text messages.

With the efficiency of text and impersonality, it’s so easy to hide behind a screen and destroy someone’s heart instead of having to see it first hand in person.

Just why is it bad exactly? Because it’s so impersonal. Would you apply for a job through a text? Obviously the answer is no, so why would you end a relationship through one?

So stop being rude and suck it up. Give your partner some respect by telling them in person to their face as opposed to their eyes and thumbs.



7 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society2. Quitting Your Job

It can be tempting to text your manager and quit over the phone since it saves you the embarassment of having to do it in person. But then you’re burning bridges for a future reference that could have been used.

Even if you were never intending to use that job as a future reference or list it on your resume, it’s extremely rude to quit over text or even over the phone. Give your manager the respect they deserve and be mature by quitting in person.

If you don’t already know, the respectable time frame for quitting is to provide your employer with two weeks notice. This will allow them time to shuffle around the schedule and to find someone to take over your responsiblites and/or position.

You also never know, your old manager may know your future manager and word may spread that you’re a bad seed. Don’t burn bridges if there’s no reason to. Be responsible, be respectful.

7 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society3. Drunk Texting at 3 AM

Before texting was invented, drunk calls were made.

You were given that grace period of about 20 seconds or so of the phone ringing while the person on the other end of the line slept through the call to decide whether or not you really wanted to make that call.

Even if they say that they had missed a call from you, you could always blame it on the infamous “pocket dial” to make up for our lack of sobriety.

Now with the invention of texting, the second that the text is sent, there’s no turning back. You can’t unsend something and there’s no way to make up for the fact that you said exactly what you wanted to say through a text.

The next time you’re planning on going out, try turning off your phone before you start drinking to avoid accidentally drunk texting someone.

7 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society4. Texting the Wrong Person

Texting is so efficient that sometimes we end up sending texts out before even checking who we’re trying to contact.

And for those of us who are proficient with texting, typing out the message may be the first thing that’s on our minds. We send the text before even realizing that we’ve sent it to the wrong person. Sometimes the texts can be even relatively imcriminating.

How exactly can you avoid texting the wrong person? What about trying to call the person instead of just sending them a text. Whatever happened to the good ‘ol phone call. Sure they may be busy, but that’s what voicemail is for right?



7 Ways that Texting has Ruined our Society5. Spelling & Grammar Skills Going Down the Toilet

Sure acronyms and smiley faces are a convenient way to get your message across without spending extra time typing out an entire word. But when it comes to writing cover letters, resumes and responding formally to others, all those years of texting are going to amount to nothing.

We’ve come across countless of university students who don’t know the difference betweenthen” and “than“. And as silly as it sounds, many also don’t know when to use “they’re“, “there” or “their“. Sad isn’t it?

So yes, texting is extremely convenient, but don’t let it change the way you should be writing. How exactly can you make sure that you don’t forget all of the time you put into learning grammar and spelling? Try spelling out words in full as opposed to using acronyms or shortening words. “Obviously” should no longer be “obvi” or “obvs“. You’re not going to lose anything by adding in a couple extra letters.

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