7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

So just how exactly do you prevent creepers from hitting on you…?

not get creeped on

Going out with your friends is fun and all, but the last thing you want to happen is to be hit on by someone at the club. If not at the club, then in line, or even walking down the street. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced it at one time or another in the past. Cat-calls may feel self-affirming at first, but after awhile they can either become annoying or harassing. Here are some sure fire ways to avoid being hit on regardless of what you’re doing.

1. Eat Shawarma or Something with Garlic

Bad breath is a big turn off, so turn it up. Eat a shawarma to get the best of both worlds – amazing food and bad breath. Or if you’re partial to shawarma then eat anything with garlic slathered on top of it. Everybody loves garlic bread, so we’re sure you’re going to love it too. As an added bonus, you’ll also ward off the vampires – unless you want to be hit on by them.

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

2. “Forget” the Deodorant

Pit stains are not attractive and the majority of us go to lengths in order to prevent them from happening. So why not just let them go? No one’s really going to remember you having them that night except for the people who are up close and personal to you. And these are the ones that you’re trying to avoid right?


3. Forgo the Tampon

Pad and panty liner lines showing through your clothing is a big no-no. Just as bad as exposed underwear. Which is why many choose to opt for the tampon when wearing a more bodily conscious outfit. Avoid it. Forgo that stick of cotton and opt for the thick, soft pillow in your underpants instead. You’ll feel more comfortable when dancing, and no one will want to reach out for a handful of that booty (especially after you’ve reached in one too many times to pick that wedgie. Huge turn off and no one will want to hit on you for sure).

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

4. Going au naturel

Skip the makeup and the mani-pedi. Getting your nails done is an excessive cost that isn’t necessary and will save you bucks to spend at the bar instead. And the face? Well skip the makeup on that too. Not only is makeup blocking your pores, but nobody wants to bring someone else home looking perfect at night, only to wake up the next morning with a completely different face.

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

5. Don’t Wash/Brush Your Hair

No one likes an oily and dandruff covered head. Seeing little bits of white fluff raining down and covering the shoulders of your black top is just straight up not attractive. So if you’re feeling lazy tonight, ignore the hair wash and let your scalp oils nourish your locks. You’ll be doing yourself good as well as keeping away the creepers and you definitely won’t be hit on unless other people have some dandruff fetish.

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

6. Grow Your Own Fur Coat

Shaving can be a hassle especially when you’ve already decided to not wash your hair for the night. Why get back into the shower when you don’t have to? Instead, start growing your own fur coat for the winter to keep yourself warm. Let your leg and armpit hair roam free in its natural habitat and then go out for the night! Say goodbye to razor burn and moisturizer by opting out of shaving.

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

7. Put a Ring on It

If you really want to signal to the guys that you’re not available, stack on the rings. Some guys may see the ring as a challenge and still hit on you, but at least then you’ll know that those ones are douches. We’re not telling you to go out and buy some $10,000 ring just to ward off the creepers, but something cheap and costumey that you won’t regret purchasing. Honestly, just go to your nearest children’s jewelry store and pick up a ring for $5 and it’ll suffice.

7 Ways to Avoid Being Hit On

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