7 Ways To Use Colored Eyeshadow Everyday

7 ways colored eyeshadow

Do you have a colored palette in your house that you never use? We have the same problem! It’s sometimes hard to incorporate all the colors that you so dearly love when you have to stay neutral for work or school. When do you ever really have the opportunity to rock out the crazy colors on a daily basis?

This is going to be your guide to finally using all those colors you have locked away on a daily basis. These looks are simple, don’t take too long to do, and aren’t right-in-your-face flashy! You don’t want to look unprofessional/like a kid when you wear your colors, do you?

With these techniques that we have pulled out for you today, you are going to be able to pull off any color with grace. Sometime it’s better to rock those funky colors. Stop being boring!

First…. let’s talk colors!

When dealing with what colors to use, try to go with colors that are opposite of yours (complementary colors). On the color spectrum, look on what’s directly opposite, and you’ll find the suitable colors you’ll need for your eyes. Of course, these are not set in stone, but these colors are merely what will bring out your eyes the most. Use with these facts in mind and you should be able to do what you think will look good!

Green Eyes:

green eyeshadow

People with green eyes should go with colors in the red-ish tone. Think colors like red, pink, magenta, burgundy, and browns with red undertones.

Blue Eyes:

blue eyeshadows

People with blue eyes should go with something that’s orange-yellow tone. Think colors like peach, yellow, orange, apricot, bronze, gold, and browns.

Brown Eyes:

brown eyeshadows

People with brown eyes should go with something that’s in the blue-tone (as well as colors beside it). Think colors like cyan, green, blue, and purples.

Now… let’s talk about eyeshadow styles to use with color!

style 1 bourgeouis
credits: jolanijolie.com

The bourgeois is one of our favorite looks for a peak of color that you can pull off in any setting. It’s not too dramatic that people will stare, and it’s a suitable for a casual work environment. It’s super easy to wear as well, for those rushed days that you don’t want to pull off too much makeup! This look is amazing for every eye type. The darker the color the smaller your eyes may seem, so if you don’t want smaller looking eyes, try going with a lighter, brighter color.


  1. Sweep on a neutral color that matches your skin color over the lids of your eyes.
  2. You can chose to use a slightly lighter color as well all over the lid, and sweep a darker neutral color on the ends (as seen in the first example).
  3. Using a small angled brush (Mac 266), line your bottom water line with a bright color of your choice!
  4. Finish with a cat-eye or just your normal black eyeliner on your top eyelid.
  5. Optional: Line your bottom waterline with a black eyeliner (this will make your eyes look smaller)
style 2
credits: jolanijolie.com

We all this the “sinner V” because it’s a bright pop of SINful color at the INNER V of your eye. Depending on how much color you put on your lids and the rest of your eye, this look can be perfectly suitable for any occasion. It’s a bit dressier than The Bourgeois but if you lighten up the color on your lids, then it can be suitable as a work-day or a school-day look. This look is pretty much a fan shape look, except with a lighter color on the inner V, so those with hooded eyes will love it!


  1. Sweep on a light neutral color similar to skin color all over the base of your lid.
  2. Depending on what kind of color you want to go with, sweep any kind of light neutral color on the first 2/3rd of your eyelid.
  3. Using a large blending brush, pick up a darker color for the outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Blend out the dark into the middle color.
  5. Finally, using a bright color of your choice, use a pencil brush (MAC 219) to outline the top and bottom of your inner eye.
  6. Finish off with eyeshadow on your top lid or underneath! Add mascara as needed.
style 3
credits to: Maria Bergmark

The opposite of The Bourgeois. We call this an outline, but it’s much more than that! This bright yet discreet look is bound to send looks your way (in a good way of course). It’s subtle from afar when when you stare at it, it really says “I like to play with my makeup”.  Depending on your eye color and skin tone, refer to our color guide above for what to incorporate! When done right, this look can be amazing for a day out.


  1. Sweep a neutral color around the same color of your skin over the top lid.
  2. Pick out one or two bright colors that you want to use.
  3. Using a small angled brush (Mac 266), wet it first, and then dip into the colored pigments and draw it over your eyelid.
  4. (Optional) using another angled brush, line your bottom lashline as well. It’s better for professional purposes if you use a neutral color like a brown.
  5. Make sure it’s wet/slightly damp or else it won’t have the same smudge-free vivid affect you would want. (depending on the eyeshadow or pigment you want to use as well).
  6. Optional: You can use a colored eyeliner instead if you want smoother application.
  7. Finish off by putting eyeliner on your top waterline!
style 4
credits: storybyferrou.blogspot.com

This one we call the haze because it’s light and misty. and so soft and airy! It’s also super easy to do on a daily basis with your normal eyeshadow. You’re probably thinking: Oh, I already do this look everyday! But you’re wrong, because what colors are you using? We’re guessing neutral. It’s all in the color formations.


  1. Sweep on a light neutral color, close to your normal skin color, on the top of your eyelids.
  2. Using a husky, grey-toned color that’s not TOO bright (we would stay away from yellows, oranges, and reds), sweep the outer corner of your eyelid with a base eyeshadow/shader brush (MAC 239).
  3. Sweep that color into your crease and extend it out a bit if you like.
  4. Blend out the two colors with a blending brush (MAC 217).
  5. Blend out the top of the color with another neutral tone.
  6. Line it with your favorite eyeliner!
  7. Put on mascara as needed.

style 5

The smokey day look is exactly what it sounds like — a smokey eye for the day time. Are you scared of pulling smokey eyes because it makes you like you’re a panda, or it makes you look super dressed up for everyday? No worries. By lowering the shade of your usual “smokey eye” a step down, you can use this look as an alternative for something classy, eye-popping and everyday appropriate!

Note: Be careful when using this look as an everyday look for work, it might be inappropriate if you use bright colors such as yellows/reds/oranges.


  1. Sweep on a color you want on your base. This color is preferably a darker shade/tone. Try to pick up colors that are blues/purples/greens.
  2. Like with the smokey eye, pack on the color all across your lid.
  3. You can use a lighter color of the same shade and using a blending brush (MAC 217), sweep it over your crease.
  4. Blend the colors out over the top.
  5. You can chose to outline the bottom of your waterline as well (with a dark or line color of the same shade)
  6. Put on mascara!
style 6 heaven n earth
credits: justynamakeupartist

These two colors we call the “heaven” and the “earth”. Use with a bright blue for a heavenly peak of sky or with green for an earthly tone. We think this look is perfectly for those with deep set eyes because it really pulls the crease forward. It’s similar to a cut crease look but you’re not going to be inserting a jagged line; it’s really up to you how smooth or how much you want to blend the two together. Add a touch of neutral and you’re set!


  1. Sweep over the base of your eye with a neutral color (similar tone as your skin)
  2. Pick out a dark brown, matte or glitter depending on the finish of your bright color. (do opposites!)
  3. Using a pencil brush (MAC 219), raw on a thin layer of that over the top of your eyelid. (Make sure to keep it below your crease if your eyes are really deep set)
  4. Using another pencil brush, carefully sweep over either a sky blue color or a green over the top of your crease.
  5. You can chose to blend the two together, but you can also leave them.
  6. Blend out out the top a bit after with the same neutral color as in step 1.
  7. You can use a pencil brush and go over your lower waterline with the dark brown.
  8. Optional: Brighten up your inner v with a light neutral color.
  9. Finish off with eyeliner and mascara!
style 7
credits: jolanijolie.com

We call this the elite but we’re really not all elitists (not yet, anyway). This high-fashion, trendy look was inspired by the sultry but cat-eyed look sported by high-fashion models everywhere. It’s also very similar to a smokey, so this might close off your eyes if picked with darker colors, so if you don’t want a smaller-looking eye, use brighter colors! This look is super easy to do and can be done in a few minutes, so don’t be bothered into saying you have no time to put on eyeshadow today!


  1. Using a color of your choice, and a small angled brush (Mac 266), draw along the top of your lid. Make sure to stay close to your waterline, like you would an eyeliner.
  2. Using the same color, but with a pencil brush (MAC 219), create an outline from the bottom inner corner of your eye to the end.
  3. Don’t smudge it!
  4. Using a thin eyeliner, draw it around your eye so that it’s not overlapping your color.
  5. Add on mascara!
  6. You can also do with with a colored eyeliner (we suggest the UD 24/7 liners in various colors!)

 Tell us…

What’s your favorite look out of these?

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  1. the bourgeois is my fav! but i would stop mid way and fade it out for an even less noticeable pop of color. 🙂 also, thanks for including the bit about complementary colors for different eye colors! very interesting and helpful!


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