7 Of The Most Annoying Things Single People Say

annoying things single people say

Yeah, people in relationships can be sometimes annoying, but people who are single — have you ever been around them? They’re total downers!

Just kidding (kinda) — but we’re pretty sure you know someone who has been one of these single people. We’ve probably all said some of these things when we are single! Yes, it’s normal to be a bit jealous or a bit envious of people who are in relationships, but it’s also kind of annoying when you’re complaining or mourning about it all the time.

As a light, humorous, but somewhat-truthful retaliation, and speaking up on behalf of the not-so-single-people, here are some thing that single people say that are, well… pretty annoying.

1. I don’t wanna be single anymore.

Yes, we know you sometimes don’t have a choice in the matter. We know “Mr. or Mrs. Right” doesn’t fly down from the sky and land in front of you. If you honestly feel this way, go out and actively seek someone. Don’t just expect the right person to meet you like in one of those fairy tales. This is not a story, and there is no happy ending if you don’t go and seek it for yourself.

2. I hate being the third/fifth/seventh wheel!

Sometimes your couple-y friends wanna hang out with you too. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a [insert odd number here] wheel when it’s in a group outing and you just wanna see your friends. Yes, there are those stupid couples that do hardcore PDA even when you’re around, but just tell them to cut it out or make fun of them, and I’m sure they’ll oblige.

3. Guys are always assholes and I’m giving up.

No, guys are not always assholes. There are probably nice guys everywhere that you could potentially date, but maybe you’re just into the guys that are the assholes. When this happens, learn to expect them treating you that way and don’t give priority to them either. It will either take a lot of determination to a) get yourself to stop going for the assholes or b) respect yourself enough to not be treated that way.

4. Girls are always friend-zoning me.

What the hell is the friend-zone? First of all, stop believing it exists, because when you believe it — you’re trapped. The friend-zone is a way for guys to make themselves feel better about being rejected. You’re not in the friend zone because you’re too nice or too much like “a friend”. She’s just simply not into you that way and you should move on. Just be friends. Don’t expect anything out of it. Girls get friend-zoned all the time and we call it a “one-sided love” because guys will usually just ignore/cut off everything with the girl if they’re not interested. Hey, sorry that girls are nice enough to not completely you out.

5. Stop doing anything remotely couple-y with your bf/gf!

Sorry, but couples can be couples. It’s reasonable for you to tell them to stop making out in front of you, but if they’re just holding hands and they’re kissing once in a while — it’s perfectly fine. Don’t let that green-eyed monster come out and bite off a chunk of your heart.

6. I can’t find “the one”.

Again, you’re probably looking in all the wrong places. Are you picking up people in the club? Are you dating people who aren’t ready to commit? Are you just too picky?

It’s okay to be a bit picky, but sometimes you gotta realize there is not “perfect one” for everybody. You may not meet the love of your life — and if you do, you’re really lucky. “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

7. I should just be single with cats for the rest of my life.

Maybe you should, with that attitude! Look, being single can be a great time to not have to deal with all the messy parts of a relationship. It’s a great chance to mingle, have fun, learn about yourself, and develop your own interests. The greatest relationship of your life could happen if you focused on improving yourself first. And honestly, who cares? Cats are the best.

What else do you hear single people say a lot?

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