8 Reasons Why He Broke Up With You Before The Holidays

Holidays are time for merriment and cheer so time to grab your Beau for some Christmas time fun. Wait, he just broke up with you? Believe it or not, holiday breakups are very common. According to this graph, created by David McCandless and Lee Bryron, breakups that happen over Facebook is at it’s highest during “Spring Break” and “two weeks before the winter break”. Yikes, gotta keep that in mind next time you think that your relationship isn’t working.

8 Reasons Why He Broke Up With You Before The Holidays


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On the odd chance that your significant other did the deed and broke up with you before the holidays here are some potential reasons why he might have taken the plunge.

1. He is not looking for long term

No offence, but you may have been a by-product of cuffing season. Your guy was looking for someone to do the dirty and then once he’s done with you – he has let you go. Maybe you’ve been misinformed and thought you two had something special. Its okay, if he’s broken up with you because he wanted a temp, he wasn’t worth your time anyway.

2. He’s not ready to introduce you to the family

8 Reasons Why He Broke Up With You Before The Holidays

Maybe its not him but his family. The holidays are for family gatherings and somehow you didn’t fit into his perfect image for his family. Perhaps he didn’t want the burden of introducing you to the ‘rents and so he GG’d right out of the relationship.

3. He doesn’t want to spend money on you

Maybe money’s a little tight this year. He may feel the guilt of not being able to provide for his lady or maybe he doesn’t want to.  So he may have broken up with you out of guilt or necessity. Rent > Girlfriend. Don’t worry though he’ll be back … just after Christmas. Let this be a key reminder in every relationship, #NoMoneyNoHunny.

4. Tension has been building up

So you’ve been dating for 8 months, and he’s finally realized that you two can’t work. He really can’t stand it anymore. And you might have pushed it over the edge when you wanted to wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters to his work’s holiday party. He is finally putting his foot down and running for the hills!

5. There’s no difference between holidays and after the new year

No matter when he breaks up with you, its never a good time. If he breaks up with you before the holidays then he looks like a holiday wrecker, but if he does it after, then it looks like he was in it for the gifts. Your guy may have wanted to break it off with you asap in hopes that you’ll look onto your family for comfort and support. Plus, why wait when you can do it now?

6. He’s not into you anymore

8 Reasons Why He Broke Up With You Before The Holidays

Unfortunately for you, he just doesn’t like you anymore – hence the breakup. He doesn’t wanna stick around for the holidays nor make some time to work things out. Instead of waiting it out, he just wants to get rid of you.

This guy cares about his own happiness on the expense of others. So don’t feel too bad cause of the breakup. Its way better to know that you can hate him now rather than pretend everything is all right while carving the turkey.

7. He doesn’t want the new year to start off with a breakup

New Year, new you – for him. Some people have that mentality that they should start the new year fresh without any baggage. That’s where you came in. He needed to shed the emotional baggage that comes along with a relationship that does not work. Why would you want to start off the new year with that bad breakup taste in your mouth?

8. He doesn’t want lead you into the holidays in a lie


Yup, he doesn’t want to pretend that things are okay. He most likely won’t be in a holiday mood if he sticks around while he’s thinking about ways to breakup with you. Not only is he doing you a favor by letting you go while he still cares but it will be comforting to know that he did have good intentions.

Tell us,

Would you rather breakup before or after the holidays?

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