8 Reasons Why We Will Miss Two And A Half Men

8 Reasons Why We Will Miss Two And A Half Men

We all have a love-hate relationship with Two And A Half Men and probably said a sad goodbye last night when the show aired its finale. Although most of us would have and were anticipating a Charlie Sheen come back, he didn’t make an appearance. Apparently, Sheen was offered the role (Spoiler Alert!) of the man who appeared in the end and had the piano crashing down on him, he was supposed to then go on a rant about drug abuse and how it doesn’t affect him because he is invincible! Sheen turned it down and wanted a different part in which his next show would be introduced! Full details on that here. While we agree the show just wasn’t the same after Charlie’s exit, Ashton Kutcher didn’t disappoint too much! There are some unforgettable moments from this long running show that we will certainly miss. Here are our top picks!

1. Charlie’s Devil May Care Attitude

8 Reasons Why We Will Miss Two And A Half MenWell, maybe Charlie Sheen was so good at playing Charlie Harper because he didn’t really need to act! He’s just as crazy in real life and even with all of his eccentricities, the show lost out on its charm after his exit.  We missed him when he left and we certainly would’ve loved a glimpse of him in the finale.

2. Jake’s Innocence

We all had plenty of aww moments – especially in the first few seasons when Jake (played by Angus T. Jones) was not only the cutest kid but also the funniest!

3. Berta Being A Boss

8 Reasons Why We Will Miss Two And A Half MenBerta (played by Conchatta Ferrell) knew her way around the Harper house and around their lives. She knew how to keep things real! She won an Emmy in 2005 for her role in the show and forged a place in our minds as the woman who did not put up with BS!

4. Alan’s Quirkiness

The forever broke chiropractor, who lived off of his brother and also pampered himself with spas and elaborate baths that even some of us can’t whip up! A seemingly harmless person who always manages to get into some sort of trouble. He had our sympathy but was also the butt of some of the show’s best jokes!

5. Rose – The Original Overly Attached Girlfriend

8 Reasons Why We Will Miss Two And A Half MenFrom being the sweet doe-eyed neighbour to the creepy stalker that kidnapped Charlie, Rose is the genuine #OAG. Over the years Rose has provided us with many funny moments, except the times when she was just plain creepy.

6. Evelyn’s Parenting

8 Reasons Why We Will Miss Two And A Half MenEvelyn Nora Harper, (aka Satan), is Charlie and Alan‘s conceited and self-centered bisexual mother. She expressed a superficial fondness for her sons and grandson when she’s obligated to, but rarely lived up to her act of a devoted, but misunderstood, matriarch. We stopped counting her failed marriages, but full points to Holland Taylor for playing the part to perfection.

7. The Alan-Walden Bromance


From this crazy level of bro intimacy to napping naked, their bromance made us laugh and sometimes even squeamish. Alan’s feminine side takes over him usually when Walden (played by Ashton Kutcher) is around. We know who Alan’s eternal #mcm is.

8. The Catchy Theme Song

We’ve been humming it for years now and we will probably continue to do so even though the show’s officially over. We like this old version when Jake was still a little kid and his voice hadn’t cracked. Listen to it again and sing along, manly-men-men-men!

What will you miss most about Two and A Half Men?





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  1. How any woman could honestly “miss” Charlie Sheen is beyond me! His horrible and harrowing personal live is being validated in society when he is given SO much money to appear on mainstream television. This guy openly sees prostitutes, abuses drugs, abuses his wives and kids, and now has caught h.i.v., and has even infected his wife. What a great role model for boys and men alike! He threatened to kill Denise Richards (one if his wives)! This pig should not be allowed to be on mainstream television. If a woman lived like he did, she’d be thrown in jail and publicly humiliated and not be paid millions of dollars to “act” on a lucrative television show! This is purely an example of patriarchy at its finest! What a bunch of crap!

    • I do agree with you but 1 thing id like to mention in the charlie sheen defensive.. he has never lied about what and who he is.. every woman thats ever been with him would certainly know what they are in for..
      his kids love him and both brooke mueler and denise richards have supported him thru his demons.. why??
      Because hes a fuckhead… not a lying fuckhead.

      but in alot of ways thats credibility.. worse are always wolves in sheeps clothing.. much worse.


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