When the temperature drops, the crazy level rises! Being cooped up inside during the winter gives party people a serious case of cabin fever. Winter music festivals are the perfect antidote to the cold weather blues. Combine snow, electronic music, and a spiked hot chocolate and you’ve got a reason to celebrate! Read on to find out why a winter music festival should be on your bucket list.

1. Cold Air is Still Fresh Air


Yes, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) really exists and hanging around inside in the wintertime does not help. A boost of adrenaline from great music and dancing is just what the doctor ordered.

Winter music festivals can help you out of the SAD slump. Gather your friends, don your mukluks and get outside. Plus, the fresh air really does a body good!

2. Winter Music Festival Fashion


Summer festival fashion is trendy, sure, but winter music festival goers pull out all the stops. Out come the craziest vintage snow suits, kooky hats and bold accessories. It’s not about how much skin you show, but how you cover it. The more creative the better, too.

Igloofest, Montréal’s winter outdoor rave, embraces this philosophy and holds an annual one-piece snow suit competition. Months before attendees scour the local thrift stores to find the perfect retro ensemble.

3. Get a Warm Buzz from Hot Drinks

Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt

Even though the myth that alcohol makes you warmer has been dispelled, that doesn’t mean hot alcoholic drinks won’t give you warmth temporarily.

Try seasonal favourites like mulled wine and hot cider. You can also sample specialized drinks like Jägertee in Austria, Caribou in Montréal or spiked hot chocolate in France.

4. Two for One: Ski Holiday and Music Festival


Ski bunnies love an après ski. Knowing this, many resorts in Europe take it to the next level by hosting an end of season music festival.

The Snowboming Festival in Austria is “a week-long whirlwind of world class DJs and bands.” In the scenic alps, you can enjoy winter sport activities during the day and unwind at night to musical performances in crazy venues like a mountain-top igloo and an enchanted forest clearing. With so many activities to choose from, you won’t have time to think about the temperature!

5. Snow Play Encouraged


If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your forte, there are festivals, like the SnowGlobe Music Festival in Lake Tahoe, that have professional snowboarders and skiers performing tricks for your viewing pleasure. Other festivals feature ice and snow sculptures. And, who said you’re too old to play in the snow? Go ahead throw a few snowballs. It’s fair game at winter music festivals.

6. You Won’t Melt on the Dance Floor


The cold temperature is a blessing in disguise. During the summer, when the sun is beating down on you, having enough energy to dance to your favourite artists at times can seem like a sweaty punishment. At winter music festivals, you dance like a maniac in order to keep your body warm. Move your feet to keep them from freezing while burning calories.

It’s a win-win.

7. Get Cozy with Strangers to Stay Warm


Perhaps one of your crazy dance moves catches the eye of that dashing guy with the bright green goggles. That might lead to a conversation by the bonfire.

Winter music festivals are the perfect excuse to get a little closer, only to transfer your heat of course. Things might get steamy, and that’s not your breath in the cold air we’re talking about.

8. Earn Bragging Rights


Imagine the stories you can tell after you return from a winter music festival. Not only did you rave to great music, but you survived the cold! Not something everyone can declare.

We sometimes overlook winter’s beauty and don’t spend time outside enjoying it. At a winter music festival, you take in mountain ranges, snow and ice as the temperature and beat drop.

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