8 Things Women Need to Stop Doing to Each Other


1.) Judging each other’s sex lives

As long as she’s not sleeping with your boyfriend or getting diseases and spreading them to you, why do you care??

2.) Calling each other sluts and whores.

It just makes it ok for guys to call us sluts and whores.


3.) Calling other girls basic

Calling another girl basic is pretty much the most basic thing you can do.

4.) Sub-tweeting

Making a public message that seems like it could be directed towards anyone, when it’s really directed to a specific girl? So tacky and so high school.

5.) Putting them down for being successful

Omg she got a promotion. Omg her book got published. Omg her new boyfriend looks exactly like Ry Gos. I effing hate her. If the women around you are living their dreams and are happy, don’t be bitter. Congratulate her. Happiness isn’t limited and your happiness will come.

6.) Hating each other’s significant others

As her friend, it’s ok to express concern if she’s unhappy in her relationship. But if she’s happy, let it be. Just because you don’t necessarily agree with his opinions and personality flaws, does not make it ok to constantly express how you hate him. This will only ruin your friendship. It’s her relationship she’s going to learn from, not yours.


7.) Withholding compliments

If you recognize a unique quality someone possesses, why not make their day and call them out on it? You have no idea how much impact a nice comment can have on someone.

8.) Competing

Whether it’s jobs, money, men, friends, shoes; we need to realize that focusing on a little aspect of yourself that makes you feel better than someone gets you no where. There’s always going to be someone “better” and you’ll never be happy if you always feel the need to one-up someone to boost your ego. It’s all about realizing your own unique qualities you hone, and then realizing other women also possess qualities unique to them.


Tell Us:

We’re all on the same team, can you admit to doing some of these things?

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