9 Things You Think You Know About Sex But Is Actually A Myth

Everything You Think You Know About Sex That's A Myth

Everything You Think You Know About Sex That's A Myth

So you think you know everything about sex? You think sex- ed is all you needed to know and it’s all true? Wrong. What you think is true, is actually not. Sorry- but your sex life has been a lie. Here are some common myths people believe about sex:

1. The First Time Always Hurts

Wrong. The first time is the same as the second, third, fourth, etc. Possible reasons for it hurting might be the lack of lubrication during sex. If you’re too nervous, it won’t be easy to be aroused, causing friction and potentially tearing. Have a bottle of lube ready, or just don’t have sex at all until you’re 100% ready.

2. Sex Is An Effective Exercise

Everything You Think You Know About Sex That's A Myth sexercise

Wrong. There are many promises of sex burning plenty and hundreds of calories. Unfortunately, unless it’s vigorous sex for an hour, it’s not happening. On average, intercourse only burns about 21 calories per session. Sorry girls, but you’ll have to find a different form of exercise if you want to lose weight.

3. The Hymen Intact Means You’re a Virgin

Wrong. It’s not a barrier that gets broken. It’s a small crescent- piece of skin at the base of the vaginal opening. It is possible to rip or damage the hymen doing non- sex related things. So that means you can rip it going down the slide, falling off the swings, anything. It can also heal itself, making it an ineffective indicator of a woman’s virginity. I guess you can ‘pretend’ to be a virgin to clueless guys.

4. Two Condoms Are Better Than One

Everything You Think You Know About Sex That's A Myth condom

Wrong. It’s actually the opposite. Doubling up on condoms actually causes more friction. The two condoms rub against each other, making it more prone to tearing. Having two condoms does not make sex safer. If you don’t want an unexpected baby popping out anytime soon, stick to one condom.

5. Big Penises Make Vaginas Loose

Wrong. The size of a woman’s vagina is not altered in any way by frequent sex, vigorous sex, or large penises. The vagina is elastic, and is meant to stretch and contract. The muscles in the vagina do contract out of anxiousness, so that may result in a ‘tighter’ hole. Fear no penis!

6. You Can’t Get Pregnant On your Period

Everything You Think You Know About Sex That's A Myth baby

Wrong. Sperm can live inside your body for up to a week. That means, when the egg is released, the sperm that are dormant inside your body can swim into your eggs and fertilize. So even if your period is yet to begin, or you’re already on it, don’t risk it unless you want to be a baby momma.

7. Circumcised Penises Don’t Feel As Much

Wrong. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. It is performed to lower rates of penile and prostate cancer. There is no scientific evidence that the removal of the foreskin results in less pleasure. Professors performed a study and deemed¬†circumcision ‘had no overall adverse effect on penile sensitivity, sexual arousal, sexual sensation, erectile function, premature ejaculation, duration of intercourse, orgasm difficulties, sexual satisfaction, pleasure, or pain during penetration.’ So it’s not him, it’s the sex.

8. Oyster and Chocolates Increase Your Libido

Everything You Think You Know About Sex That's A Myth oyster

Wrong. There is no scientific proof that oysters increase your sexual desires. However, there is a lot of zinc in it that helps nurture healthy sperm. Chocolate on the other hand does contain properties that lower blood pressure, better blood flow, making the penis work well for erections. It also has serotonin, putting you in a better mood. Who isn’t happy to eat chocolate? However, there is no solid proof that it actually increases your sex drive.

9. The G Spot Exists

Wrong. Not every woman has a G- spot. In fact, researchers have not confirmed that every woman actually has one, or if it even exists. Yes, some women do feel as though they have one, but science cannot see or prove it through the tools they have. If you feel like you’d never experienced it, don’t fret- it’s not a sex standard!

What myths did you believe?

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