The Alternative to Plastic Surgery? Contouring

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Who needs plastic surgery, when you’ve got contouring?

Today’s society has made us believe that there is a certain kind of beauty we all need to strive towards. Although this is just a horrible reality of the way media portrays beauty, let’s be honest, it feels great to feel “beautiful” (as long as you realize that you’re beautiful regardless of what you do to yourself). That’s what make up is for- emphasizing your beauty, right?

… well it’s also somewhat of an alternative to plastic surgery.

Okay, not really. I mean you’re not going under the knife- but this super-contouring thing that’s going on certainly looks as if you are. Contouring isn’t a new thing. Make up artists have been doing it for icons. What’s new is that the trend is coming off the red carpet and onto the faces of beautiful women all over the world ON THE DAILY. 

Want a new nose? Contouring to the rescue. Want higher cheekbones? Contouring to the rescue. Want a more defined brow and jaw line? Contouring to the rescue.

So women end up are doing THIS on the daily:


And although we admire the love for make up- we think that this may be over stretching a little too much. Perhaps the Kardashians and the alike have contributed to making women think they need to define the hell out of their faces to be beautiful.

Kim is a poster child for contouring:

If it makes them feel beautiful, that’s great! But something about it makes us feel like it’s too much. For the red carpet or other special occasions, contouring may make you look stunning in photos- but when we see women walking down the street looking like this, we want to take off that layer of mask and tell them they’re still beautiful!

Want to know how to contour (for those special days)? We’ll walk you through it in our contouring tutorial post.

Tell us:

What’s your view on daily contouring? Is it too much?

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