Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

“Happy 652 months Baby!” Couples need to stop using “months” after 12 months, 18 max.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

Why do couples insist on saying happy xx months? Just use years. “Happy 68 months baby!” NO. Stop. Can you just say happy 6 years or round it to 7 or just don’t say it at all? It makes you look stupid and it’s really annoying to see that on my newsfeed.

Calling each other “baby” or any other pet name every 2 seconds.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

“Babe, baby, bae, babeeeeee, sweetie, sugar plum, apple bum, pookie”. I think I’m going to throw up. Please just call them by their regular names when you’re not alone. Please.


Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

Please. Dropkick. my Ass. This is what I’m thinking every time I see you and your SO making out. I literally just want to punch you in the throat. Stop making out everywhere you can. It’s not cute. It’s embarrassing for you and uncomfortable for the people that are forced to be around you.

Being so damn happy all the time.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

We get it. You’re in love. You’re happy and want everyone to know how happy you are. Could you just tone it down though? Just a little bit? I’m happy you’re happy but you can’t be THAT happy ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. You’re allowed to be happy but can you do so in a way that doesn’t make everyone else feel like sh*t? K thanks.

Going out as a group but only talking to each other the whole night.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

Really? What was the point of coming out if you were just going to suck face all night in the corner of the room. Why did you even bother coming out if you knew you were only going to talk to each other and no one else… I’d rather you just go home and do that there. Bye Felicia!

Constantly tweeting, facebooking, and instagramming about how amazinggg their boyfriend/girlfriend is.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

Shut. The. F*ck. Up. Why don’t you ever tweet about how awesome your friends are? I’m sure they’ve done some pretty awesome things for you that you could actually put on your timeline. “Omg bae is so sweet! He made me eggs! *egg emoji, smiley emoji, tongue out emoji, heart emoji x 3*”

Inviting their boyfriend/girlfriend to girls night out or boys night.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

Don’t you hate it when you plan a girls night out and your girlfriend decides to invite her boyfriend? It’s not a girls night out if there’s a boy there. We want to hang out with YOU, not you AND him… And don’t pretend like you didn’t realize it was going to be a GNO. You definitely knew.

Constantly laughing at inside jokes only they know about.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

“Babe, remember the time…” “HAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHH BLAHJSKHFJSAH AHHAHA” So… are you going to share the story with everyone else or just laugh at it by yourselves? I guess we’ll just be here on the sidelines going “k…”

Having a bajillion albums with just pictures of them.

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

“Christmas with bae” “Zoo with babe” “Paris with b”. All of these albums have one thing in common. All the pictures in them are of the two of them. ALL. OF. THEM. Does anyone else even exist outside of their relationship? Apparently not.

Feeding each other

Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

I’m sorry, do you not have hands of your own? Are you a child? Stop feeding each other. It literally makes me cringe. Why do you think this is cute? It’s not. Just because they do it in the movies, doesn’t mean you need to do it in real life. Your life is not a rom-com.

Tell us:

What are some annoying things couples do that bother you?

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  1. As a 29 year old guy who has been single his entire life, I’d say only half of this is really worthwhile and the other half is the writer being either stupid and writing about nothing just to write or two way too bitter and needs to stop being whiny. #1 was good, ya months should go up to 24 month, maybe 48 months cause clothing sizes for the baby go up to 48 but being all like he is 292 months old, just drop it. #2 is eh I don’t see the problem. #3 I can’t wait to P.D.A. (hopeful sometime in the lifetime) Get over it. Sloppy noisy kissing could be a bit annoying. #4 Really? should they fake depression to make you happy? Get over it, find someone and be happy. It makes me sad yes to see others so happy all the time but that’s my thing, not theirs. #5 #6 #7 Ya I will kinda of agree, however I’ve been invited as a non boyfriend (read friend zone) to girls night and it was agreed on by the other girls cause can actually hold up in the converastion and is very respectful to all member, so it’s dependable. #8 and #9 That can be very annoying and #10 it’s cute, they want to do it, leave them alone. Not everyone dates the same way and that is special to them.


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