The Most Anticipated Song of the Year Is Here: Pop Danthology

The Most Anticipated Song of the Year Is Here: Pop Danthology

Besides Christmas, the most anticipated event of the year has landed: the release of the annual Pop Danthology.

Conceptualized and produced by Vancouver’s Daniel Kim, pop danthology’s infectious beats become instant YouTube viral sensations annually. Each year he blends together the pop nation’s most popular tracks into a seamless transition from one to another to summarize the past 365 days into about 6 minutes. Oh the feels that you get listening to the danthology as you’re reminded of the past through an assortment of songs.

Although Daniel usually receives an extremely positive response from viewers, his release this year has received a significant amount of backlash. Reading through the comments on YouTube, it appears that there’s a unanimous agreement on the lack of quality music that the industry has churned out this year as opposed to Daniel’s editing skills. Agreed upon is the improvement of his editing skills, but the overall music choice was poor due to poor production from the industry overall.

The Most Anticipated Song of the Year Is Here: Pop Danthology

Why Pop Danthology?

Why exactly does he put together his Pop Danthologies every year? In a Draw My Life video, Daniel explains how he struggles with boredom and seeks a utopian world inside of music where he dissects and takes the best parts of each song and puts them together to create the addicting pieces that we’ve all come to know and love. Could that truly be why we love Pop Danthology so much?

The answer is a very probably yes. And it also explains why so many people weren’t satisfied with this year’s Pop Danthology. Yes much of the songs in their own were chart toppers, but overall they were mediocre songs that are incomparable to last years’. Maybe the industry’s movers and shakers should take Daniel’s annual compilations as an overall rating as to how the general public felt about this year’s releases. Hopefully in the next year to come the industry will produce songs of higher calibre and result in a better Pop Danthology.

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