How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help! #MomNeedsHelpToo

How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help! #MomNeedsHelpToo

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How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help!  #MomNeedsHelpTooIf there’s one thing that we honestly and truthfully have to admit to ourselves, girlfriends, it’s that we need help too! Don’t deny it, moms, we’re not robots and even robots need to recharge their batteries. We take on a great deal of tasks, errands, do-it-yourselves and chores which we surprise thy selves with at how successfully we execute them. Needless to say, we need to start asking our family, friends and neighbours for help in order to “reserve” much needed energy for ourselves and our family. Our children need positive, well-rested, jolly moms!

The problem is that we believe that we should do all the house-work solo. We take pride in our accomplishments, however we also take three shots of espresso every AM in order to “get it all done”. Because we’ve been single-handedly checking off errands from our “to-do list” our husbands and kids have come to believe that moms can do it all and they don’t need help. Yes, we can, however it’s unnecessary and can be exhausting. It’s time to gather the clan and get them involved in the at-home duties!

Here are a couple of ways to ask for help without asking for help (for the too proud at heart):

How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help!  #MomNeedsHelpTooAt-home Errands!

Scenario #1: You’re at home dusting while noticing that the trash  bin is overflowing. I know you’re used to taking care of “business” by yourself but stop right there and announce out-loud, out of thin air and in the same room as your hubby: “Oh dear, the trash bin is full.” I guarantee you GF, within three seconds your love will ask you the following: “Would you like me to take it outside honey? I can do it.” Score! Husbands do want to help us but because we take care of the housework alone they think that we don’t need any help.

Scenario #2: Again, at home, announce in whichever room the kids are in, out of thin air: “Hm, this place sure needs to be vacuumed.” Listen for the little voice that will ask you: “Can I do it, mommy? Can I, can I, can I? Please, please, please?!” And just like that mommies, we have one less thing to do today! Children love to help and thrive off of responsibilities. Responsibilities are for everyone – give the youth a couple of their own!

How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help!  #MomNeedsHelpTooScenario #3: While making dinner you notice the laundry needs to be done. What do you do? Announce what’s on your mind, girlfriend, don’t hold back: “Oh, looks like dinner will be ten minutes late. I’m quickly going to pop the clothes in the laundry first.” And, if hubby gets up to chop the lettuce and the kids offer to load the washing machine – let them!

You see, we’re not really asking for help, we are simply announcing the tasks that need to be done to our family members. In the end, the kids and hubby will be happy that they helped without us nagging them to help. Try it, GFs!

How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help!  #MomNeedsHelpTooAt the Grocery Store!

Scenario #1: The shopping cart is close to being full and you’re, honestly, thinking to yourself: “How will I manage to get all the groceries, in one trip, inside my home?” Since you know that your Prince charming is at home with the little ones, speed dial him: “Hey, babe, how’s everything? How are you and the kids doing? I’ll be home in a jiffy, well… I bought so much groceries that it’ll take me a while to unload them all at once. Who needs the gym when I am carrying two watermelons plus five other grocery bags?” No brainer here. Help is on the way!

Scenario #2: You’re shopping with the kids and they ask if they can buy their favourite foods. Of course they can, only if they carry the items  by themselves. They’ll be happy to! This teaches the youth to take firm decisions and actions for their responsibilities.

How to Ask for Help Without Asking for Help!  #MomNeedsHelpTooThe key on how to ask for help without asking for help is to simply announce what errands are on the to-do list each day, out loud, to the whole family. Allow everyone to take action and to help. Don’t try to do it all by yourself because GF, you won’t have energy to play Monopoly after dinner with the household.

And, if you have braved-up to the idea of asking for and receiving help, the Mom’s Ultimate Calendar is brilliant to keep the whole family up-to-date with errands, equipped with a notes section, super-strong magnets, phone directory, lots of writing room and a chore chart for the whole la familia. A must have for every mama and her cutie pies.

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