Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes & Live Longer

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If you’re expecting, reading this article will definitely make you want to move to Finland (just for the Maternity Box)

So in 1938 someone in Finland came up with the ingenious thought:

You know what, pregnancy is hard. We should reward expecting mothers (and fathers) with a little something to make  raising their new little one a bit easier. Let’s give them a really great starter kit that will give them everything they need to bring their little baby home!

And the Maternity Box was born (no pun intended). Okay, so we don’t know if this exact thought actually happened- but Finland definitely implemented this stroke of genius. We all know that having a new baby in the household is really tough- on your body, mind, and definitely your wallet. So the Finnish social security institution decided to send a beautifully packaged box of baby needs to expecting parents (even if they’re adopting)!

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Some of the things the Maternity box includes?

  • bra pads, condoms (haha, I wonder what they’re trying to imply here)
  • baby bedding
  • clothing- which includes socks, overalls, leggings, rompers, bodysuits (in nice and gender neutral colours and patterns too!)
  • nappies, scissors for their nails, a brush, a toothbrush, a thermometer
  • toys
  • cream
  • towels
  • diapers
  • bibs
  • a snow suit with a hat, mittens, and booties (because it’s freaking cold in Finland)
  • and the kicker? the box doubles as a crib and comes with a mattress, a cover for the mattress, under sheet, duvet cover, blanket, and sleeping bad (basically full bedding)

Tell us that doesn’t sound like heaven in a box?! It allows you to rest assured that even if you’re unprepared or think you forgot something, the government has you covered.

The Maternity Box now has 75 years under its belt and has become a sort of rite of passage for expectant couples. How nice is it that you get a nice box of gifts before your baby arrives? It has become a sort of social family and friends event too. They compare boxes from one year to the next and they can’t wait to see your baby!

These babies live longer!

Yes, it’s true! Since the introduction of the Maternity Box, the infant mortality rate in Finland has dropped significantly, each year less than the other. Not only this, but the box helps encourage certain things that are more healthy for a baby. They don’t include a bottle to help encourage mothers to breastfeed. They also made the box double as a bed to change the fact that many parents were still sleeping with their children.

Needless to say, well done Finland. We love this! Now how do we implement it throughout the rest of the world?

Tell us:

Do you think that the Maternity Box is a good idea or that it makes parents lazy?

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