Baby Name Trends to Watch in 2014

Popular baby name trends for 2014.


I am not a mother, but I do plan on being one someday!  Something I think about quite frequently is what I will name my kids! Learning about different names, trends, and meanings is so interesting! I could spend a good hour perusing the Name Berry website. We have rounded up the 10 hottest baby name trends for 2014.  Will you be following them? Or do you stay far away from trendy names?

Baby Name Trends

1) Great Grandparent Names

A decade ago, these names would have been considered dowdy and old-fashioned.  However, as Justin Timberlake once said, what goes around comes back around.  Vintage names are all the rage! Girls: Violet, Mabel, Anne Boys: Henry, Ivan

2) Classic Royal Names

Thanks to the celebrity status of the royal family (and their adorable offspring), classic royal names are all the rage.  Girls: Elizabeth, Margaret, Victoria Boys: George, Albert, William

3) Unisex Names

Perhaps spurred by the gender rights movement and the trend of raising gender neutral children, unisex names are all the rage. Examples: James, Drew, Kale, Cameron, Kim

4) Spice Names

Flowers are so early 2000’s, the newest trend is spice names! Examples: Saffron, Rosemary, Cayenne, Paprika

5) Greek Names

Girls: Theodora, Cyrus, Evangeline, Boys: Elias, Zeus, Apollo

6) Historical Hero Names

Iconic role models, politicians, and celebrities from decades past are being reincarnated as popular baby names. Girls: Maya, Amelia, Marilyn Boys: Lincoln, Kennedy, Chaplin

7) TV Inspired Names

TV shows have a huge influence over our current society.  So it should come as no surprise that babies are being named after our favourite on-screen characters! Girls: Arya, Sansa, Kahleesi, Piper Boys: Eddard, Bran, Dexter So tell us:

What did you name your bundle of joy? What name trends are you loving (or hating)?

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