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Are you expecting? Or thinking about having kids in the future? If so, then The Babytime Show is a must for all current and future parents. Even being prepared for children in the future is a useful skill to have, so make sure you read up on our coverage of The BabyTime Show and you’ll for sure be the stellar parents that you need to be in a few years’ time! And if you went to The Babytime Show more out of curiousity, then you would have definitely had some nostalgic moments when Barney came onto the stage. That big purple dinosaur is forever etched into our hearts from our childhood and we’re proud to see that he’s still there for the children of tomorrow! Two thumbs up to The Babytime Show for bringing back our childhood memories.

The Babytime Show - Fall 2014

Wee Piggies & Paws

One of the most important aspects of being a parent is making memories. Your kids aren’t going to stay little forever, and the next thing you know, they’ll be all grown up and ready to move out of the house. One of the most easiest and tangible ways to saving memories is by casting your child’s hands/feet to see and touch years down the road. Wee Piggies and Paws provides parents with a still moment of their children, before they grow up into adults. Some of the youngest babies that have been brought in were at only 1 week old, but you can bring in your child whenever you feel comfortable.

The Babytime Show - Fall 2014

These adorable sculptures serve to remind us as to how fleeting time can be and to truly cherish all of the memories before they quickly disappear.


Strollers are an absolute essential for any parent. You don’t want to be stuck carrying your child around an amusement park in the burning summer, or lugging around a heavy child in heavy rain fall when you’re about 2km away from your final destination.

Besides being a godsend, strollers can also be the bane of any parents’ existence when trying to fit them inside of a car or put them away nicely in their house. Welcome to the world’s first baby transformer. The “Origami“, the world’s first power folding stroller, was designed to maximize storage space. The wheels of the Origami generate power as you walk the stroller, thus recharging its batteries. Besides power folding into a compact stroller, the Origami is also equiped with an LCD screen that displays both the walking speed and distance.

The Babytime Show - Fall 2014

4moms also produces other products that maximize storage for both babies and cribs such that babies can have as much space as possible necessary for them, and so that you as the parent can then reclaim that space afterwards.

Tiny Hearts 3D Ultrasound Studio

Post birth isn’t the only time to celebrate the life of your child. At Tiny Hearts 3D Ultrasound Studio, they can capture the real emotion, love, life and time of your child during its development inside of the womb. After seeing and capturing these ultrasound photos, their studio offers an album for you to keep all of the memories in. We love the idea and love far technology allows us to go when it involves capturing memories!

The Babytime Show - Fall 2014

Baby Parka

Keeping your child warm is one of the most important things to keep in mind when the temperature gets cold outside. Many companies don’t often offer jackets for children that are as warm as adults, simple because children grow out of their clothing so quickly! However, Baby Parka offers these sleeping bag like parkas for children that will keep them warm in the wintertime with the promise that they won’t outgrow them within a month!

The Babytime Show - Fall 2014

With an inner lining composed of high performance insulation, your child will retain body heat and stay warm in the cold winter. The external material is also made of microfibre in order to be resistant to both the wind and water. The parka is easily put on and removed through a center zipper that facilitates access. There are also zippers at the end for feet in the case that your child is wearing boots that could possibility be dirty. You really don’t want to be dirtying the inside of these amazing parkas!

Elari Diaper Wallets

“Compact. Functional. Fabulous.” is their motto. Made in Canada, these wallets come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your fashionable needs. They make diaper changes incredibly easy and fast. Fit with enough pouches for all the essentials you’ll need for potty accidents, these wallets are a must have for the fashionable mom. The best part, once you’re done with these, you can use it as a makeup case!

The Babytime Show - Fall 2014

Booby Trapper

Although breast feeding is legal in many places, sometimes you’d rather a little bit of coverage when doing it. It’s a personal choice, but there’s got to be options to help you out in that situation. Fortunately, the Booby Trapper is a dress that covers both you and your child as you nurse. While there are many similar products on the market, this is currently the only one with a double rim that provides more space to allow some breathing room!. And what’s fantastic is that there are so many styles in which you can pick up the Booby Trapper with.

babytime show 1

We had a lot of fun meeting all of the various vendors at The Babytime Show as well as the cult-classic, Scholastic. Anybody remember those Scholastic book orders that we used to get tucked into our agendas back in elementary school? Boy was that a nice throw-back. And it’s also nice to see the importance being put on education at such a young age. We’re lucking to be raising children into such an intellectual society.

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