Bachelorette Handles Eric Hill Death Horribly

eric hill death

Bachelorette - Eric Hill 6

This week’s episode of the Bachelorette wasn’t about the rose this week… it was about Eric Hill’s death.

Reality TV never ceases to amaze us- they always make their episodes more ridiculous, more flashy, and more unbelievable just to keep us glued to our sofa couches. They do an amazing job at it too. Does death count as a credible way to hike up the viewership though? Hmmm.

This week’s Bachelorette was supposed to be all about homecomings. Instead it was the airing of the episode when the death of one of the finalists was announced to the rest of the cast and, most importantly, the Bachelorette herself, Andi Dorfman.

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Miss the news-breaking? Here you go:

Not to our surprise, the fans of the beloved reality show were super upset about how the show handled the death. They claimed that The Bachelorette exploited the death of Eric Hill for dramatic purpose (although, really, what did you expect?). And yes, we’re all speculative of how really “real” this communication of news was. We all know that The Bachelorette profited from this tragedy, despite how sad they may have been, or come across.

We’re no film crew and we’re not sure how else they would’ve aired this “breaking of the news”. Chris Harrison, the host of the Bachelorette, sat the Bachelors down, awkwardly waited for Andi, and told them that Eric Hill had passed in a tragic hang gliding accident. The film crew even let the camera roll while they put it down and mourned with the other reality actors (yes, they are actors- let’s not fool ourselves now).

Chris Harrison defended the way the show handled it by saying:

What happened was horribly sad and tragic, but to me acting like it just didn’t happen and going on like Eric never existed seemed horribly dishonest and disrespectful

True. We agree that sure you couldn’t just ignore the fact that he died- but dramatizing the moment seemed a little over board. Not only this, but the episode also spent a huge chunk of time (not really on Eric but on Andi. She was really upset that her last interaction with Eric was mean- so, instead of making it a sort of memorial, the episode seemed to focus on her pain, her emotions, and how it would be “sooooo hard” for her to continue her journey of finding a husband. Boo hoo. A guy actually died. Granted, yes, the show is all about her- but making the claim that the episode was about “honouring Eric HIll” seems bogus.

Bachelorette - Eric Hill 4

This also isn’t the first time that the Bachelorette has mentioned his death for publicity- you know it won’t be the last either.

What we think you can expect:

  • another ceremony about the tragedy after the season is over, the “Bachelors Tell All” we think it’s called
  • a couple more notes on how going through this journey is so hard for Andi
  • perhaps Andi deciding she can’t choose anyone because the tragedy is so hard on her
  • a filming and message from the family

And who knows what else, it is a reality SHOW after all ladies and gentlemen.

Tell us:

Did The Bachelorette handle Eric Hill’s death well? Or was it bogus reality television snatching up views?

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