Back To The Future: 4 Brand New Spice Girls Song Released

Back To The Future: 4 Brand New Spice Girls Song Released

If you grew up during the 90’s then you’ll know that the Spice Girls were the epitome of pop culture. They reigned all throughout North America even though they were from the UK. And you know that you’ve made it when you can take the American market by storm. Sadly for us, after Gerri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) left the group in 1998, the group that proclaimed girl power went into an indefinite hiatus in 2000.

Back To The Future: 4 Brand New Spice Girls Song Released

Since then, us 90’s babies have all been itching for another taste of the Spice Girls. We almost had our cravings satisfied when they reunited for a performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Unfortunately for us, the news of regrouping never really came to life. However, for the first time since their last released single, 4 never-released singles have recently surface on the internet.

There’s an evident and nostalgic echo of the 90’s in the tracks, as they each have an extremely strong instrumental background track accompanied by the requisite keyboard notes lingering onto each sung word.

Although ‘Right Back At Ya‘ has already been released with an RnB feel, the newly discovered track is done in a pop aesthetic that all Spice Girls fans can definitely fall back in love with. If there’s nothing we love than platform shoes, it’s a good pop song. Which is why we kind of all fell off the Spice Girls boat when they transitioned over to an RnB sound on their final album.

A Day In Your Life‘ isn’t bad and really allows the girls to show off their vocal talent, but it’s as flat as the Spice Girls can go. Obviously we love it because of all of the girl power behind the harmonization but we can definitely understand why this song never really made it to the EPs. If anything, we’re getting a very ‘2 Becomes 1‘ vibe from the track, but without it’s catchiness.

Another one of the tracks that we absolutely loved was ‘Pain Proof‘, which completely showcased Sporty Spice’s vocal abilities immediately in the intro of the song. The song itself also exuded complete girl power the way ‘A Day In Your Life‘ did, but with much more of an upbeat tune that makes it easier to listen to.

But the one song that epitomized the 90’s had to be ‘If It’s Lovin On Your Mind‘ that had a whole tone of keyboarding mixed in with Britney Spears drawl combined with a lot of heavy bass to give the song an edgier tone. If there’s one song that we could listen to on repeat, it would definitely be this one.

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