No fear Moms! Back To School Essentials Made Easy

back to school essentials

back to school essentials

Back to School Essentials…

because there’s just so many things, you’ve got to keep the key back to school essentials at the top of your list.

It’s September! This means one thing, moms: School, and that means back to school essentials! Are you excited, nervous, worried, stressed, happy? Stay calm, all of these emotions and feelings are absolutely normal! The most important question you should be asking yourself is: “Are you prepared with the back to school essentials your little one(s) will need to have an amazing experience while learning?!” Don’t worry, I did my research and found the best items for our kids, tried and true!

 The Backpack

I know the search for an awesome backpack begins a week before school starts, or if you’re anything like me you’ve been popping your head in and out of stores, and checking out backpacks, since the middle of August! Preparation is key for a smooth sailing. Having said that, I nominate Puma for having the coolest backpack! Shop for it here.
Colours available are pink, blue, black and red- so whether you’ve got a little boy or girl, they’ll love it! The straps are wide and extra soft for comfort. Two pockets. Great size!
back to school essentialsback to school essentials

The Lunch Box

I nominate Sistema as the back to school essentials perfect lunchbox. It’s BPA free which means, worry-free! Great colours, sizes, shapes and an awesome klip-it system! Have a look  and shop for it here. The tupperware is easy to use by all ages. The whole family will have fun packing their yummy snacks. Moms, you need Sistema in your lives. You’ll thank me later!

back to school essentials

Labels (yes, labels)

Labels is a must have in the list of back to school essentials. You’d be surprised how many things and mismatched without it. It’ll save you money on replacing things, I swear. I nominate: Mabel’s Labels – labels for the stuff kids lose! The labels are durable and waterproof! You can wash and wash and  wash and the labels will stay on and on and on! How thrilling!
Shop here with your kids, they’ll have a lot of fun choosing their own labels and showing them off to their friends at school.
back to school essentials

The Water Bottle

There’s a big variety to choose from and a lot to keep in mind when purchasing a water bottle. “Should it be glass, plastic or stainless steel?” Decisions, decisions, decisions! Sweat no more, I found what you’re looking for! I nominate Kleen Kanteen.
Let’s make sure our boys and girls stay hydrated throughout all their classes and beyond. After all, a child’s body is approximately 75 precent water!
back to school essentials

Well, now that we have the back to school essentials our girls and boys need to rock this school year, we moms, can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. Job well-done ladies!

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  1. I have not thought of labels before but after reading the article I realized they are very important. I like the different colors and that they are waterproof. I have a grade one this year and the tips came just in time.
    Thanks for the post!


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