Bad Hair Day? Try a Bow Twist Headband


Having a super weird hair day where all you want to do is run a razor through it? Ok, put the shears down and take a look at this tutorial. The twistable hairband is becoming a pretty hot topic lately and is sold at retailers such as Asos. But why pay $12 plus shipping fees when you can make it yourself. You’ll thank yourself for the clean look and another adorable accessory to add to your emergency kit.

You will need:

Double layered ribbon, scissors, wire, a stapler and wire cutters


1. Run to your favourite crafts store/dollar store and pick up a ribbon that is double layered. Usually you can find one off an old shirt or dress with a cinched in waist.

2. Wrap the ribbon around your head to measure how long you’d like your headband to be. This is to test the length of your “bunny ears”; too long is no good and too short results in stub.

3. Take your wire and twist it at the end so it doesn’t poke through the fabric.

4. Now thread it through your ribbon!

headband DIY

5. Once your wire has hit the closed end of the ribbon, snip the piece off with a little extra to spare.

6. This step is simple, simply twist the other end.

7. Fold in the ribbon and staple the bunch together. Make it clean!

headband, diy

Voila, you’re finished! Would you rock this look?

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