The Bad Side of Travelling (They Don’t Talk About)

People will tell you you should travel.

They’ll tell you there is a sense of fulfillment in seeing new places. There is a sense of growth in experiencing new and unknown things. There is a positive outcome to exploring what the world has to offer. For the most part, except for flying – because long flights aren’t that fun at all – travelling is a great, healthy, and rewarding thing to do.

However, no one ever stops to tell you about the bad side of travelling. No one prepares you for the bad side of travelling, for what you’ll have to deal with during your experiences and ultimately what you’ll deal with when it ends.

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No one tells you to not have expectations

Those dreamy pictures you see of Paris? That adventurous image Australia portrays? The scenic views you get in South America? Stop.

While everyone may tell you to embrace the beauty that the world offers, they forget to tell you to stop having expectations for exactly what you’ll do and what you’ll see. They don’t elaborate on this bad side of travelling simply because they forget that they too have been held prisoner to their expectations.

When you set standards for the places you’ll go you may often be filled with a sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction. Why? Because the world you pictured in your own little bubble is far different from the world you will see.

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No one tells you how you’ll feel different

Oh, yes, they’ll say you’ll change – you’ll grow up, you’ll be independent. They don’t tell you that there are days where you feel you don’t belong in a place you used to. They don’t tell you your priorities will change, your values will change, what matters will change.

The bad side of travelling is that you are now, once again, stuck where you started only it’s a different place – not because it has changed, but rather you have. And while that is a positive change – you can’t help but sometimes wish it wasn’t so hard to adjust back to your previous routines and friendships. 

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No one tells you, you will cling to the past

Every memory you made on your travels, every friendship you built, every souvenir you brought home – they will not only be happy memories they will also be a burden. This is the bad side of travelling, the depressing side of travelling, the side of our life where you are left to deal with the fact you won’t get those moments back.

Yes, you’ll feel moments of nostalgia, but you will come home to the family and friends you left behind and miss the family and friends you had to leave. You will regurgitate the same sentence of “I miss this” or “I miss you” and realize nothing can really fill that void.

Even if you look at the pictures or relive the memories, you will feel that emptiness because of things past, you will notice that hole in your life where you feel disgruntled, restless, bored.

You will hold onto those memories so tightly you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to handle being back where you are.

Df -Reality

No one tells you about being back to reality

It sucks. Coming back to face reality is one of the most difficult things you have to deal with once your travels come to an end.

It’s difficult, spending time away from home and immersing yourself in new places, new things, and new people, only to come back to the routine.

It’s ironic at times, when you travel you think the worst thing that could happen is that everything changes. It’s a much more different story when you come home and most things stay the some. Ultimately, it’ll be why you’ll just want to leave all over again.

Tell us…

How do you usually feel when you come home from travelling?

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