Be Fierce, Be Femme - Be The Best That You Can Beot everybody can be like Yonce, Be Femme - Be The Best That You Can Bebut you too can be fierce with the Be Femme tote bag. We all have those stacks of boring looking grocery bags sitting in our closets, and they never end up being used. Why? Because they’re so blah. They also have logos plastered all over them, making you literally a walking ad for all of these grocery chains.

First off, you want something that’s functional. Secondly, you want something that looks cute as well. So why sell out to all those grocery giants by toting around some bag covered in apples and oranges and their name?

If you’re familiar with the current spring trends, then you’ll know that black and white is a huge thing right now. Which is why we targeted exactly what you would want (after some experimentation with a Femme Network focus group of course – duh) and delivered.

Not only is the tote big enough to carry your laptop (us busy girls have to be able to do work and respond to emails wherever we are), but it’s also durable enough to stuff it with your gym clothes and water bottle without falling apart. You know how flimsy those paperish “reusable” grocery bags can be.

Be Fierce, Be Femme - Be The Best That You Can BeAnd if you’re more of a shopper girl instead of someone on the go, then this bag will work perfectly for carrying around all the goods that you’ve picked up. Not to worry, no one will know that you just blew your whole payday’s worth of savings at Zara because you won’t be toting around their paper bags. Instead, you can casually slip your purchases into your new Be Femme bag AND help save the environment at the same time by not taking a paper bag! So not only are you concealing your shoppaholic habits, but you’re being environmentally friendly at the same time! Is that not the best possible situation? It gives a completely new meaning to killing two birds with one stone.


Are you ready to be femme and be fierce?

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