Beautiful World Cup Women Behind The Players

world cup women

World Cup women

Behind every great man (or soccer player), lies an amazing woman. Introducing the World Cup Women…

The World Cup was exciting, absolutely. We could not help but notice that the women who were standing supportingly behind the players, cheering them on, were smoke shows. They’re national soccer players, so we’re not surprised that their other halves are stunners. Is it a thing for soccer players to date models? It looks like it’s a trend for sure.

The genuine emotion as the World Cup women greeted their exhausted men on the field was definitely touching. The sentiments of fans must have been like seeing a Queen finally welcome her King home after a long battle.

We can’t imagine a better way for the players to finish a game than to see the support (whether tears or joy) of their beautiful woman. It reminds us that the players we cheer on, as if they were machines, are real people with real lives (and really hot wives/girlfriends). World Cup women have become a fixture of the sport. They are celebrities on that field (some are even super models, cough, Irina Shayk). 

Who were the beautiful World Cup women behind the legendary players?

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What do you think of the World Cup women? Do they outshine or compliment the players?

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