Behind The Scenes Of The Victoria’s Secret Model Casting

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We’re all probably really excited for the Victoria’s Secret runway official airing to be released tomorrow on December 9th. The runway was done last Tuesday on the 2nd, but the official release will be aired on CBS at 10/9c.

The Victoria’s Secret instagram feed has been hyping us all up for the official release of the runway. The release of the $2.3 million Fantasy Bra have got us all wondering… what else will Victoria’s Secret be releasing this year? What’s the trend going to be in lingerie? But most importantly, who are the new Angels that are going to be reppin’ this season?

For the first time in all of the Victoria’s Secret’s fashion shows, they have released an official video of the Victoria’s Secret casting. Maja Chiesi, vice president of IMG Models, begins the introduction along with some of the potential models of how the models have 30 seconds to make it or break it. They gotta bring their A-game to the show, because all of them are vying for it. It gets more and more competitive every year, as all the girls have started their strict gym and diet regiments months in advance.

We’re pretty stunned by how gorgeous some of these girls are, and how only a few of them get chosen to be the Angels every year.

A lot of us are also perturbed by how some of these girls are a bit too skinny. Yes, being a size 0 has been a trend for years now, but is this the right image Victoria’s Secret wants to send out to all their viewers out there? That only a size 0-2 model can fit in their lingerie?

Quite a bunch of people are not impressed by this.

Watch the full video here:


Are you excited for the Victoria’s Secret runway? What are your thoughts on the casting?

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