Being Optimistic All the Time Is Killing You

Are you that friend that always brings the life to the party? No matter how crappy the situation seems to be, you paste a huge smile to your face and grind through. People love working with you because you crack jokes and always think about the greener grass. t’s ok to shake your angry fist at the world from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t always a silver lining so trying to find one all the time is actually doing the opposite of what being happy is all about. Here’s why.

1. Expectations


When you’re perky, cheery and everyone loves being around you in hopes of catching some of your sunshine, they expect you to always be spitting rainbows out your bum. Nothing seems to phase you. But when you’re having one of your off days, suddenly, your friends have no idea in hell how to deal with the “sad” you.

Let the expectations fade into nothing. You don’t owe them anything especially if they can’t find their own light at the end of the tunnel. What are you? A tour guide? No way.

2. So Draining


Trying to be content when an a-hole smashes into your car and then blames you while you’re running late for work requires the magical powers and patience of an angel. consuming and close to hell will tire anyone out. Sometimes, it’s ok not to give a shit.

3. Conflicted Feelings


You’re expected to be happy, so you should be feeling positive all the time right? Wrong. You’re human, so stop putting yourself down when you feel the energy of only offer a meek smile. Quit giving yourself anxiety and let your raw emotions hang loose once in a while.

4. You’re blinded


Ya keep looking for the bright side, but what happens when you can’t find it? It’s time to accept reality and remove yourself from denial. Sometimes things happen that really suck. There’s no way around it. If you want to cry, bawl like a little baby. Have your sob fest because it’s healthy for you then buckle up and move on like you normally do. Don’t fake it.

5. Use and Abuse


You’re the good one right? The one who’s sweet and giving and caring and all their synonyms. People keep throwing themselves at you for advice because you’ll give them the nicer option they prefer to hear. They don’t want to accept that their sweet little Muffy isn’t coming back to claw out her scratching post anymore. Someone’s gotta break the news, let it be the happy one. Delivering false hope and sugar coating the bad news has left you used and abused. Let someone else do the job for once by telling them that “you’re so sorry, you don’t have time right now”.

Do you tirelessly keep the glass half full?


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