Best Ways To Find An Entry-Level Job

Best Sites to Find Entry Level Jobs

If you are a recent graduate or in your final year of post-secondary, you know the feeling of anxiety when you realize you have to figure out what to do after school. Trust us, it is a tough time. Chances are, your school will have resources for you throughout the year before graduation: job fairs and recruitment events are quite popular. The downside? Not all students get the opportunity to be recruited right out of  school (although wouldn’t that be nice?). Here are some handy websites to bookmark if you are looking to find a full-time, entry-level position after graduation.

Best Sites to Find an Entry Level Job

1. Indeed

Indeed is a simple search engine which finds results based on your keywords. You can narrow your job search down to specific cities, levels, and titles. You also have the option of creating an account and posting your resume to the site for employers to contact you.

2. LinkedIn

For professionals, LinkedIn is a network to connect you to others in your field, past co-workers, join groups, and find job opportunities. You can post up your digital resume on your profile and add volunteer work to showcase your experience. Employers can view your profile to see if you will be a good fit to the company so ensure what you are posting directly relates to our professional self.

3. TalentEgg

TalentEgg is unfortunately only available for job postings in Canada, but it is extremely popular amongst students. It gives you the option to search for summer positions, internships, co-op positions, and entry-level positions. So no matter what you are looking for, TalentEgg provides an easy way to find current postings in your local area. No to mention the colors of their website makes looking for a job a little more glamorous.

4. CollegeRecruiter

CollegeRecruiter is a job board or college and university students looking for not only entry-level positions but also internships, continuing education and other business opportunities. Don’t worry, it is available for everyone in North America.

5. Your School’s Alumni Website

We can’t really give you specific links here, but your University or College’s Alumni website or network will most likely have job opportunities for you. The bonus with this is that you can often get postings with people who have graduated from your program and can perhaps refer you back to the company. It’s also a great way to see where other graduates in your program have ended up.

6. SimplyHired

SimplyHired caters to many countries including Canada, the US, Italy, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom and much more! You have plenty of options if you are looking for an entry-level position. Just scroll down to the end of the page and select your country to explore thousands of jobs.

7. IHipo

If you are adventurous and ready to explore, check out IHipo for international placements. Just looking for an internship to get some experience? You have that option to! You’ll be surprised what countries are out there that have opportunities for you.

8. CampusCareerCenter

Don’t be alarmed when you get to the CampusCareerCenter homepage and see the NSA and CIA logos. They are just some of the companies hiring through the website. Explore job postings throughout North America and who knows, you could be the next CIA secret agent.

9. After College

After College takes a cool, visual approach to understanding what you are looking for. They ask your for your school and degree program and filter through postings. You are presented with a graph and various job titles which you can either love with a smiley face 🙂 or dislike with a sad face. It is quite entertaining at first until you realize you are ranking your future with smiley faces.

10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a site used frequently by employers and job seekers. They will find you the best match for your requirements and e-mail you postings so you are always on top of who is hiring

How do you find entry-level positions?

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