The Best and Worst Moments of the 2014 Emmy Awards

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After just experiencing a minor let down from the Video Music Awards, we had extremely high hopes for this year’s Emmy awards. One attempt at live Tweeting a rather underwhelming show was enough to prove that this year’s Emmys did not deliver quite like we had hoped. Regardless of the seemingly dullness of the entire show, we did have some highs that we may have actually enjoyed. However; with highs come the inescapable lows of any awards show. Let’s share our thoughts shall we?

Best: Kathy Bates’ expression after winning Supporting Actress in a TV Miniseries or Movie

There is nothing quite like a genuinely surprised face, especially after winning a prestigious award. Last night, Kathy Bates took home Best Supporting Actress in a TV Miniseries or Movie, beating significant names like Julia Roberts. Clearly, she was not expecting to win and her expression totally made our night. Watch the announcement below and you will see what we mean.

Worst: Jimmy Kimmel, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Colbert pretending they are hosting the show

Now, whether this was done on purpose or not, it was a little… bizarre. All three award presenters seemed to ignore the fact that they were, you guessed it, presenting awards. Between the sad attempt at Colbert’s joke about his imaginary friend Roscoe to Gervais’ long speech about losing (again), all three men seemed to have forgotten that there were people waiting for them to open the envelopes in their hands. They are, after all, a little bit important for the show to continue. Sigh… if you’re gonna try, at least don’t try so hard. You’re a comedian, be funny, not inconvenient. Ricky Gervais

Best: That time when the Tony Awards Won an Emmy

Was this not the best? First of all, the Tony Awards may have one but the Oscars were nominated as well, let’s not forget that. Glen Weiss won Director for a Variety Series as he was directing the Emmys. That has to be sort of poetic in nature right?

Worst: Weird Al being…weird

The vivid imagery of Weird Al Yankovic introducing all the nominees for Best Drama Series was weird but in a very bad way. If you are going to try something different to introduce the nominated programs, at least make it funny. Weird Al just seemed like a place holder to kill time (as if we haven’t had a long two days of awards as it is). 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Best: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston Make-out

Yup. It happened. While presenting an award together, Julia Louis-Dreyfus reminded us that Cranston had made a cameo appearance on Seinfeld as Tim Whatley. Seemingly forgetting, Cranston reminded her they shared a kiss together. When JLD was going to accept her award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, Cranston planted one on her. Talk about a major PDA moment. 355142-ddf6f43c-2cce-11e4-a978-2255e0b773c2

Worst: Sophia Vergara put on display for millions to see.

Okay we get that Sophia Vergara is beautiful but when she was literally put on display for all to see, it was no doubt sexist. Not sure if others feel the same way, but the male gaze was slapping us in the face. How could we not be thrown off by this? g-pte66-2014-0202

Best: In Memorium

We knew that this year’s In Memorium would be sad but a few weeks ago, we found out it would be even worse. As per usual, the Emmys played a reel of notable individuals from the industry who passed away this year. Some of those names included, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Shirley Temple and James Avery. However; at the end of the reel, one picture remained, Robin Williams, beloved actor/comedian who passed away only two weeks ago. Billy Crystal who was a close friend to Williams, made an emotional remark to commemorate the iconic comedian. Welp. Where are the tissues?

“Robin Williams; what a concept”

robin williams billy crystal emmys

Honorable Mentions

Hayden Panettiere revealing the sex of her baby on the red carpet (it’s a girl!)

Gwen Stefani butchering “The Colbert Report” pronunciation.

Jimmy Fallon sneaking in a Kim K joke (ugh).

Amy Poehler being the Beyonce of the show (seriously).

Sarah Silverman kicking off her heels to run to the stage but maybe that was because of the liquid pot she brought with her.

Tell Us…

What were your favorite moments from last night’s Emmy Awards?


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